Heavy on Houston’s Most Wanted: Espionage & Kidnapping Suspects Sought

fbi most wanted

FBI Hui Huang (top left) and Gang Liu (top right) are wanted by the FBI on allegations of stealing trade secrets. Marcelle da Rocha Guimaraes (bottom left) is accused of kidnapping her son, Nicolas Scott Brann (bottom left).

The FBI Houston field office is seeking information on several people wanted in international cases, including two Chinese nationals accused of stealing trade secrets from a business that manufactures a product used in the military, and a mother accused of illegally taking her son to Brazil.

The following people were listed among the FBI Houston’s most wanted. The charges they face are merely allegations. They are innocent until proven guilty.

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Here are some of the FBI’s most wanted in Houston:

Hui Huang, Accused of Stealing Trade Secrets

Hui Huang, 36, is wanted by the FBI on allegations involving a conspiracy to steal trade secrets from a United States business on behalf of a Chinese company, CBM Future, related to the manufacture of a high-performance foam product used by both the military and civilians, according to the FBI. The FBI says that CBM Future tasked Huang with interacting between several alleged co-conspirators in the United States to gather trade secrets to further CBM Future’s efforts to reproduce the high-performance foam. The FBI says he traveled to the United States several times, and is believed to be located in China.

A federal arrest warrant was issued for Huang, the FBI said, and he was indicted in June 2017 on allegations of conspiring to steal trade secrets.

Gang Liu, Wanted on Accusations of Stealing Trade Secrets

gang liu

FBIGang Liu wanted poster.

Gang Liu, 35, is wanted on allegations of conspiracy to commit economic espionage and steal trade secrets from a United States business on behalf of a Chinese company, CBM future, according to the FBI. The United States company is involved with manufacturing a high-performance foam product used by the military and for civilian purposes, the FBI said.

The FBI said Liu had worked as an engineer for the U.S. business, and was in a position where he had access to proprietary and trade secret data. The FBI accused him of stealing trade secrets and providing them to CBM Future to aid in the objectives of the Chinese government, along with other alleged co-conspirators.

“Liu was indicted for theft of trade secrets in June 2017. Liu fled to China in November 2017 while on supervised release pending his trial,” the FBI wrote. “Based on new information, Liu was indicted along with a co-conspirator for economic espionage in addition to theft of trade secrets in April 2018.”

A complaint was filed in Liu’s case and a federal arrest warrant was issued for him on May 23, 2017, according to the FBI. Liu previously lived in the United States, and law enforcement believes he is now living in China.

Marcelle da Rocha Guimaraes Is Wanted on Allegations of International Parental Kidnap

The FBI alleged that Marcelle da Rocha Guimaraes, 43, violated a United States court order by taking her son, Nicolas Scott Brann, from the United States to Brazil. Brann is 12 today and uses the nickname “Nico,” the FBI said. Neither the mother nor her son have returned to the United States, the FBI said. Two co-conspirators were convicted of international parental kidnap in the case, according to the FBI, and an arrest warrant and federal indictment were issued for Guimaraes in March 2017, the FBI said.

The FBI said Brann and his mother frequent the area of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. She has dual citizenship in the United States and Brazil, and Brann is a United States citizen, the FBI said.

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