With Norway’s announcement that it was dropping its bid to host the 2022 winter Olympics, the only remaining contenders are China and Kazakhstan.

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Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps was charged with driving under the influence Monday night in Maryland, according to TMZ.

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Karolina Sevastyanova is the Russian gymnast who caused maria Kirilenko and Alex Ovechkin to break off their engagement.

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Samantha Taylor said that while she was dating Pistorius, he would point guns at her and her friends.

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Victor Voronov, the formerly closeted man married to ex-Olympic skater Johnny Weir, claimed Weir bit him in a wild domestic incident.

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Meryl Davis and Charlie White just won Olympic gold in ice dancing. Here’s what you need to know about the dynamic duo — on and off the ice.

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Just two weeks before the Winter Games are set to begin in Sochi, Russia, these photos were shared on Reddit by a local. Sochi is still in construction chaos.

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The feared and suspected terrorist was reportedly seen inside the city of Sochi within the security perimeter.

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Team USA hired Global Rescue, a company that can help them evacuate from Sochi, Russia, if all hell breaks loose.

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The 1988 gold medalist and U.S. delegate to the Sochi Olympics has finally come out.

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