The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization released a statement to West Africans to stop eating fruit bats, a commonly eaten meat in the region.

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The UN spokesperson was on Al Jazeera reacting to the recent bombing of a United Nations school in Gaza.

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President Obama arrived in NYC, bringing East Side traffic to a standstill as he landed on an aquatic, East River landing strip. Two amateur photographers were onhand to capture it all.

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Read the entire UN legal brief on drone strikes here.

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With the on-going chemical weapons crisis in Syria, here is a timeline of major events regarding media coverage of political responses around the world.

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Check out what the world will be like next century…

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NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is attempting to get temporary asylum in Russia until he can be assured safe passage to Latin America. He invited representatives from the UN, Amnesty International, and others to weigh options at a meeting in Moscow.

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Syria’s civil war has created the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis

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A self-described “genocide chick” will be this nation’s next U.N. ambassador.

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The controversial Susan Rice hasn’t had the cleanest track-record in Washington – but is now Obama’s National Security Advisor

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Hezbollah militants are widely reported to be involved in the Syria’s confrontation

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What does the mean for U.S and Russian efforts to resolve the bloody conflict in Syria?

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