Hostage Situation in Aurora: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Aurora Hostage Crisis

There was a hostage situation in Aurora, Colorado earlier today. An armed man barricaded himself inside a suburban home.

1. Four People Were Killed Including The Gunman

Aurora Hostage Crisis

The gunman was shot by police. The other three adults were his victims. Police found the bodies of two men and one woman. The victims did not know the gunman.

2. Gunman Shot At Police

Aurora Hostage House

When police moved in an broke a window, the gunman shot at police officers. No officers were injured. He hit the SWAT van. He didn’t come out even when tear gassed. Later, he moved to the second floor where he began firing at officers from a window. It was then that officers returned fire and killed him.

3. One Person Escaped

One of the hostages was able to escape and make their way to the authorities. She escaped by jumping out of a second-story window. She told police that the suspect was still inside, that he was armed, and that she saw three “lifeless” bodies before she escaped.

4. The Gunman Might Have Been On Meth

Police negotiated with with gunman for hours on the phone phone. He was acting irrationally and hung up on police. Negotiators could only get into contact with him intermittently. A witness overheard police officers suggesting he was on methamphetamine.

5. There Were As Many As 40 Officers On The Scene

Police surrounded the house. Combining officers, SWAT, and negotiators there were as many as 40 members of the police force on the ground.

6. Neighbors Called 911

Police were alerted to the situation around 3am after calls came in from neighbors reporting gun shots.

7. Police Evacuated Nearby Homes

Aurora Hostage Crisis Neighborhood

They also blocked off surrounding streets.

8. The Saga Lasted About 6 Hours

Police were alerted to the situation around 3am. The suspect was killed around 9am. Negotiations had pretty much failed at 8am, which was when police first attempted to gain access to the house.

9. There’s Still A Lot Unknown

The suspect and the victims, both have yet to be identified. We don’t know what set off the attack. There has been no announced connection between the suspect and the victims.

10. Aurora, CO Is Where The Dark Knight Shooting Took Place

Aurora, Colorado is the same town where James Holmes massacred 12 people at the Century 16 theater during a midnight airing of The Dark Knight Rises.

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