Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Top 5 Spoilers

piper and pennsatucky are back


The big news in “Hugs Can Be Deceiving” is that Piper and Pennsatucky are back, and it seems all good. Piper has some newfound respect, for now, and we’re getting deep into Crazy Eyes’s backstory. And we’re getting some fresh blood too, both who are going to be important.

Read on for the top five things that happened in Episode 2.

brook soso first day in prison


1.Brook Soso Is Introduced

Her parents named her Brook (without an ‘e’) after Brooke Shields and then changed it to “as in babbling” when she was a teenager. Like Piper, Brook spends her first night crying—Piper takes pity on her, until she finds Brook laying on her bunk and calls herself a “lone and vicious wolf” before threatening to rip Brook’s “throat out with her teeth.” To be fair, Brook is more than annoying. It’s great that there’s a WOOFing, Occupy protestor in the crew now (we don’t know what put her in prison yet), but she never, ever shuts up. Ever. The only thing worse than being in prison is being in prison with someone who never shuts up—we think she’ll get what’s coming to her.

crazy eyes going crazy first time graduation no singing


2. We See How Crazy Eyes Became Crazy

… and we realize she confuses Piper for her mother. Suzanne may have been lucky to have been adopted, and her psychological problems aren’t a direct cause of her family—but it doesn’t seem like they helped. Her mom was pretty pushy, and it doesn’t seem like Suzanne ever got the real helped that she needed. In a flashback to high school graduation we see Suzanne break down at the podium when she’s supposed to sing, exactly like what happened the night of the holiday pageant. When Crazy Eyes attacked Piper (unintentionally, but luckily breaking up the fight between Piper and Pennsatucky) she was doing so to lash out at her mother.

piper and pennsatucky meeting with caputo no one in trouble


3. We Learn Why Piper Gets To Come Back

Piper and Pennsatucky are called into a meeting with Caputo and we learn that the staff believes Doggett was able to fight back. Somehow Doggett has gotten new teeth while she was away, though Caputo calls her out for having “dental issues” before the fight. Caputo asks them to both “bury the hatchet” (a poor choice of words?). When he calls it a fair fight and says that the higher-ups had decided they were both at fault, Piper protests at first, then remembers Crazy Eyes hitting her, and realizes she’s been saved.

vee lorraine toussaint shows up taystees mom


4. Vee Is Also Introduced, But She’s Been There Before

Played by Lorraine Toussaint, Vee allegedly used to have kids run drugs for her and laments that prison isn’t what it was in “her day.” Taystee and Vee have a long-term relationship that Poussey describes as “like T’s mom,” and Vee and Red also know each other in their past lives. Vee makes nice with everyone, and forms an alliance with Crazy Eyes. When she trades a pack of smokes for a cake, she shares it with all the black girls, including Crazy Eyes.

bennett daya library daya pregnant vitamins


5. Things Are Getting Bad Between Daya & Bennett

He won’t get her vitamins, maybe calls her out for being in the library when he’s never seen her read, makes semi-racist remarks about her mother not doing vitamins, she sabotages his prosthesis. It doesn’t look like it’s going to work out between them, but, ok, duh.