Must-See Celebrity News Before Starting Your Day: June 21

Dennis McKinley via Instagram Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley

Hey! I’m Emily, and this is your roundup of must-see entertainment and celebrity news headlines. Today, we have Nicki Minaj‘s newest single, “Megatron,” the first listen of Beyonce and Donald Glover singing The Lion King’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams separates from fiancé Dennis McKinley just three months after giving birth to their first child, and more…

TOP STORY: The Wedding is Off for Porsha Williams & Dennis McKinley

It’s hard to believe that it was only three months ago that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams happily welcomed her first child into the world with fiancé Dennis McKinley. Pilar Jhena “PJ” McKinley, their daughter, was born on March 22, and the engaged couple was looking forward to planning their big wedding day, which was set to take place on New Years Eve.

Even though they tried working out their issues in couples therapy, whether or not they should sign a pre-nuptial agreement before tying the knot was causing numerous fights between the couple, but after cheating rumors surfaced that McKinley was having an affair with WAGS Atlanta star Sincerely Ward, even though both have unequivocally denied even knowing one another, things are now officially over between Porsha, 37, and Dennis, 38.

The reality star and the Original Hot Dog franchise owner have unfollowed one another on Instagram, and she has fully has wiped her social media clean of any pictures with him in it.

CELEBS on SOCIAL MEDIA: Nicki Minaj Streams New Single ‘Megatron’ on All Platforms

Nicki Minaj, who only days prior dropped the surprise collaboration with Trina, “BAPS,” released the official video for her new single “Megatron” at midnight ET. This is the first solo effort from rapper in nearly a year.

Directed by Mike Ho, Minaj’s new song and video even has Christina Aguilera calling her “queen,” and all her fans wondering when the new album is coming out. She raps, “They call me Megatron, shorty’s a mega con. It ain’t about the race, either, it’s a marathon/I put the squeeze on him, throw up the Bs on him/That ass clapping on the D, Hercules on him.”

VIRAL MOMENT EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT: Beyonce & Donald Glover Singing ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’

Disney released the latest trailer for their upcoming live-action remake of The Lion King, and with it came the first 30-second snippet of Beyonce, who voices Nala, and Donald Glover, Simba, singing the iconic romantic track of the film, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”

Even though it’s only a brief cut from the full length song, finally hearing Beyonce’s vocals mixed with Glover’s voice got everyone looking forward to the film’s theatrical release lit with excitement. The Lion King opens in theaters worldwide on July 19.


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