‘The Bachelor’ Final Rose Spoilers Confirmed: Report

Joey Graziadei Final Rose

Heavy/ABC Joey Graziadei's final rose ceremony ahead.

By the end of the season 27 finale for “The Bachelor,” Joey Graziadei’s final rose will be presented to either Daisy Kent or Kelsey Anderson. The March 25 finale will be jam-packed with emotion, and spoilers regarding what viewers can expect have become available.

Warning! Major spoilers for “The Bachelor” finale ahead!

Joey Graziadei’s Final Rose Goes to Kelsey Anderson

During Reality Steve’s March 25 episode of the “Daily Roundup” podcast, he confirmed  “Bachelor” spoilers he had previously shared. There was a massive change in spoilers from Reality Steve not too long ago. Now that he has changed them, he is standing by them.

Shortly after filming, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicated that Graziadei was engaged to Kent. However, that changed on February 27. As Reality Steve noted on Instagram he was wrong about Kent receiving Graziadei’s final rose.

Rather, Graziadei got engaged to Anderson. Reality Steve reiterated that “Bachelor” spoiler in his finale day podcast. “He is engaged to Kelsey, you will see that tonight.”

The ‘Unprecedented 1st’ Relates to Daisy Kent

Reality Steve has also shared spoilers about “The Bachelor” first that happens during Graziadei’s finale. This supposed unprecedented first has been teased since the premiere when ABC showed viewers part of Graziadei’s final rose ceremony.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, this all relates to Kent.

A sneak peak posted on March 22 on the show’s Instagram page hints at what’s to come. At one point, Kent admits that something seems “off” in her dynamic with Graziadei.

Reality Steve indicates that during her last date with Graziadei, Kent “realizes that he’s not picking her.” Then, Kent “goes to Kelsey’s room and tells her basically, ‘It’s not me, it’s you.'”

That is a franchise first. There’s one more component to this, Reality Steve noted. Kent shows up at the final rose ceremony, despite her chat with Anderson the prior night.

Reality Steve shares, “Daisy arrives first and tells Joey exactly what she told Kelsey, that she knows it’s not her.” That is also something “The Bachelor” viewers have never seen happen before.

Graziadei, Anderson, & Kent Will Shares Updates During ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

Kent’s talks with both Anderson and Graziadei are supportive and positive, Reality Steve indicated. Even so, it leaves Graziadei rattled.

It appears that the drama shown with Graziadei taking his suit coat off and approaching producers, as he cries, is a response to his talk with Kent and seeing her leave.

“The Bachelor” spoilers don’t suggest this happens due to any regret on Graziadei’s part. Rather, it seems it just becomes an overwhelming and emotional experience.

By the end of the March 25 3-hour finale, “The Bachelor” fans will hear from Kent, Graziadei, and Anderson. Spoilers from Reality Steve indicate the final couple is engaged, in love, and doing well, but everybody will learn more during the live “After the Final Rose.”

Viewers can likely expect to see a woman announced as ABC’s next “Bachelorette” lead. Reality Steve has shared the decision seems to be between Kent and Maria Georgas. As of when he recorded his March 25 podcast, he still was not sure which lady was chosen.

However, Reality Steve said he thinks ABC offered the gig to Kent. He did not have solid confirmation on that as of recording his podcast, though. “The Bachelorette” fans should not have to wait much longer to find out for certain which lady will be handing out roses in season 21.