Leslie Fhima Shares 1st Comments After ‘Golden Bachelor’ Divorce Announcement

Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima

Heavy/ABC Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima of "The Golden Bachelor."

As soon as Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist revealed they were getting divorced, “The Golden Bachelor” fans started watching for a reaction from Leslie Fhima.

During the debut season of the show, Fhima was Turner’s runner-up.

Fhima has been open about how hurt and frustrated she was with Turner and how her experience ended. Ever since then, many fans have rallied to see her become “The Golden Bachelorette.”

In the wake of Turner and Nist’s divorce announcement, Fhima has taken the high road while making any public responses to the news.

Here’s what you need to know:

Leslie Fhima Said Theresa Nist Was ‘Beautiful Inside & Out’

On April 15, Nist returned to Instagram for the first time since her “Good Morning America” segment with Turner where they announced their divorce.

“The Golden Bachelor” star thanked fans who were supporting her and acknowledged she thought her marriage would last forever.

Nist noted that not everybody had been kind in their responses and reactions to the divorce announcement. Fhima, however, responded with love and support.

“I love you my friend. I’m so happy to call you that.. you’re beautiful inside and out,” Fhima shared in a comment on Nist’s Instagram post.

Fhima’s comment received nearly 1,500 “likes” and dozens of replies.

One response read, “Now this is an actual genuine comment to a friend, unlike the other golden lady who shoved an ‘I told you so’ in her face.”

That comment was a reference to “The Golden Bachelor” contestant April Kirkwood. She posted a comment noting she had tried to warn Nist about Turner, and fans tore her apart for it.

Nist Indicated She & Fhima Are ‘Friends for Life’

After Fhima commented on Nist’s post, some “The Golden Bachelor” fans urged her to “go get your man.” Most others responding in the thread, however, suggested, “She dodged a bullet!”

Another fan commented, “I’m sure Leslie would never give Gerry a second chance and also betray her friend Theresa!”

Nist herself replied to Fhima’s comment, too. “And I love you, Leslie. You know I feel the same way about you.”

“The Golden Bachelor” winner continued, “You are a beautiful person inside and out and I am so fortunate to be able to call you my friend.” Fhima replied to Nist’s note with red heart emojis.

In another response, a “Golden Bachelor” fan noted she hoped Nist “stopped being friends with Leslie.” Nist replied, “I love Leslie. We are friends for life.”

On April 12, shortly after Nist and Turner announced their split, the StarTribune reached out to Fhima for comment. The media outlet is the main newspaper local to where Fhima lives in Minnesota.

The StarTribune noted they reached out to Fhima via text message. However, they shared, she declined to provide a comment of any sort.

Some “The Golden Bachelor” fans have been speculating that perhaps Nist will become the first lead for “The Golden Bachelorette.” Others are still rooting for Fhima or others. ABC has announced the show is in the works, but no official decision on the “Golden Bachelorette” lead has been revealed, yet.