WATCH: Nipsey Hussle’s Mother Sends Video Message to Fans

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It’s been nearly two weeks since rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed outside his Marathon Clothing store in South Los Angeles, but his family and fans across the world continue to mourn his loss. On Tuesday, April 9, Nipsey’s mother, Angelique Smith sent a heartfelt video message to fans speaking on the death of her son, who’s full name was Ermias Davidson Asghedom.

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In the video she said, “Death is something to prepare yourself for, and you walk this Earth and you do good deeds for people and you are loving and kind. Those are the kind of things that will show on your face, you will look more beautiful. Ermias looked healthy, he looked clean. He had a glow. He was radiant. And he was so radiant that he had a sweet aroma. He even smelled good. So, please. Do not fear death. Death is just the beginning of a wonderful world. And I tell myself, Ermias like thrilling things. And now my son knows the secret to the mystery of life.”

While Nipsey’s father fled the war in Eritrea to come this United States, his mother was American. While talking to CBS LA Nispey said, “I was raised by my mom, grandma. She was real big on keeping a tight family and big on love. That was my home life. Then outside it was a little chaotic.”

Nipsey is survived by his girlfriend Lauren London, and his two children, son Kross, and Emani Asghedom, from his previous relationship with Tanisha Asghedom. His former body J Roc, has since announced his retirement, while fellow rap artists have delayed releasing new music to honor Nipsey’s legacy. There’s also a petition to rename the corner of Slauson and Crenshaw, where the 33-year-old was killed, to Nipsey Hussle Boulevard. The two people with Nipsey outside his store on March 31, were Kerry Lathan & Shermi Villanueva, both of whom survived the shooting attack.

Nipsey’s funeral is set to be held at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

The man who killed Nipsey Hussle, Eric Holder aka “Shitty Cuz,” remains in police custody. Holder was an aspiring rapper who personally knew Nipsey, was a member of the notorious Crips gang in Los Angeles, and had a criminal history.

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