Eric Naposki Now: Where Is He Today in 2021?

eric naposki now prison

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Eric Naposki's 2009 booking photo.

Eric Naposki is in a California prison today serving a life sentence in the murder of Bill McLaughlin, according to his prison records. The former NFL linebacker is 54 years old today. Nanette Packard was also convicted in McLaughlin’s death.

A jury found Naposki guilty of murder in 2011, and prosecutors contended that Packard planned the murder for McLaughlin’s money, according to a Pilot News article published at the time of his conviction. The news article described Naposki as Packard’s “lover” at the time of the murder, and said she was dating and living with McLaughlin.

ABC 20/20 is exploring the case in its new episode, which airs at 9 p.m. Eastern time Friday, September 24, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

Naposki Is Serving His Life Sentence at the Avenal State Prison & Maintains His Innocence

Eric Andrew Naposki is incarcerated at the Avenal State Prison, where he is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, according to his prison record. The prison is located in Avenal, California.

Here is his prison record:

eric naposki prison record

California Department of Corrections and RehabilitationEric Naposki’s prison record.

A jury found Naposki guilty of one felony count of special-circumstances murder for financial gain, according to the Daily Pilot, which covered his court proceedings.

Naposki told 20/20 that he did not kill McLaughlin.

“I didn’t kill anybody. I’m not a killer,” he said, according to ABC News.

Packard also maintained her innocence in interviews with 20/20, and she said she does not know who pulled the trigger.

“Maybe it wasn’t the most intense [relationship] romantically but I did love him,” Packard said of McLaughlin, according to 20/20. “He was a good man and he was good to my children, and I would never have killed him and probably would still be with him today if he were alive, because I had no reason.”

A Prosecutor Called Naposki a ‘Coward’ for Refusing to Leave His Cell & Hear the Victim’s Family Speak at a Court Proceeding

The family of McLaughlin had strong words for Packard when she was sentenced in 2012, according to CBS LA.

“The destructive trail of deceit is astounding. The fact that you, Nanette, destroyed so many lives, including my dad’s, along the way is vile. Your web of lies has caught up to you, finally,” McLaughlin told Packard, according to CBS LA.

But Naposki did not hear them. He was not present to hear the family speak, the article said.

“He was a gigantic coward. He’s always been a coward but he refused to come out his cell today to listen to what the family had to say, and it exemplified him to a tee,” said senior district attorney Matt Murphy, according to CBS LA.

The Daily Pilot reported that Naposki refused to leave his cell outside the courtroom, and that Murphy called the refusal a “final blaze of no class and cowardice.”

Prosecutors said that the murder was committed for financial gain, and that Packard was in McLaughlin’s will and a life insurance beneficiary, according to the Daily Pilot. The article said prosecutors contended the murder was a scheme to collect $1 million in life insurance. McLaughlin’s will also said Packard could live in his waterfront home rent free for one year if he died, the article said.

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