Nanette Packard & Eric Naposki: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

nanette packard eric naposki

Caifornia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Eric Naposki in his 2009 booking photo./Nanette Packard.

Nanette Packard and Eric Naposki are former lovers who were convicted in the murder of Bill McLaughlin, a millionaire who Packard was dating at the time of his death in 1994.

McLaughlin was gunned down in his gated community in Newport Beach, California, when he was 55 years old, according to a 1994 article from the Los Angeles Times. ABC News reported that the case went cold for about 15 years.

ABC 20/20 is exploring the case in its new episode, which airs at 9 p.m. Eastern time Friday, September 24, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Packard & Naposki Are Both Serving Life Sentences Without the Possibility of Parole in California Prisons

Naposki and Packard were both found guilty in separate trials in 2011 and 2012, according to CBS LA. They were both sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for first-degree murder with the special circumstance of murder for financial gain, according to ABC News.

Nanette Ann Packard, who is 56 years old today, is serving her sentence at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California, her prison record says.

Here is her prison record:

nanette packard prison record

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.Nanette Packard’s prison record.

Naposki, 56, is imprisoned at the Avenal State Prison in Avenal, California, according to his prison record.

Here is his prison record:

eric naposki prison record

California Department of Corrections and RehabilitationEric Naposki’s prison record.

Packard told ABC News she trains service dogs at the prison as a part of a program.

“These dogs, they just bring so much healing,” she said. “It also helps to make a difference for me, for me to be able to live with the fact that I’m away from my kids.”

2. Both Packard & Naposki Claim They Are Innocent in McLaughlin’s Murder

Packard and Naposki both claimed innocence in the murder of McLaughlin during interviews with ABC News. While prosecutors contended that the murder was committed for money, according to the Daily Pilot, Packard told 20/20 she would have a greater benefit with McLaughlin alive.

“I only gained money if Bill was alive,” she said, according to ABC News.

Packard further said she does not know who killed McLaughlin.

“I don’t know for sure [who killed McLaughlin],” Packard said to ABC News. “I never said that Eric did it because I couldn’t say that Eric did it for sure. I don’t know that. He never said that to me.”

Naposki also denied that he was the killer, ABC News reported.

“I didn’t kill anybody. I’m not a killer,” he said, according to ABC News.

3. Naposki & Packard Met at a Gym & She Was Living With McLaughlin at the Time of the Murder

ABC News reported that Naposki and Packard met at a gym sometime in the early 1990s. The murder case terrified McLaughlin’s gated community in Balboa Cove, the Los Angeles Times reported in 1994, and police at the time worked to unravel the millionaire’s background to identify suspects. The case went cold for 15 years, according to ABC News, and both Naposki and Packard were convicted in separate trials in 2011 and 2012, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Kim McLaughlin, Bill McLaughlin’s Daughter, spoke at Packard’s court appearance, CBS LA reported in 2012.

“The destructive trail of deceit is astounding. The fact that you, Nanette, destroyed so many lives, including my dad’s, along the way is vile. Your web of lies has caught up to you, finally,” McLaughlin told Packard, according to CBS LA.

Naposki was not present to hear the family speak, the article said.

“He was a gigantic coward. He’s always been a coward but he refused to come out his cell today to listen to what the family had to say, and it exemplified him to a tee,” said senior district attorney Matt Murphy, according to CBS LA.

4. Naposki Was an NFL Linebacker & Packard Is a Mother

At the time of the murder, Naposki had left the NFL. He was a former NFL linebacker who played for the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, according to ABC News. The article said he was living in California at the time of McLaughlin’s death and working as a nightclub security guard, in addition to work as a bodyguard.

The Daily Pilot reported on court proceedings, and said Naposki worked at the Thunderbird night club, which was only 131 yards away from McLaughlin’s home, where he was murdered. Prosecutors said Naposki went to work after the murder, the article said.

“Naposki originally told police that he was at a soccer game for one of Packard’s children before he went to work and wouldn’t have had time to kill McLaughlin, but at his trial Murphy said investigators repeatedly drove the routes Naposki said he took. They found he would have had ample time to commit the slaying,” the Daily Pilot reported.

Both Naposki and Packard were in their early 20s at the time of the murder, according to ABC News. Packard had two children at the time, and told ABC McLaughlin was good to them.

5. Packard & Naposki Broke Up & She Married Two Other Men After McLaughlin’s Death

By the time they were arrested, Packard and Naposki had split up and gone on to marry other people, ABC News reported. Packard had married twice after the murder, and remained in California, the news outlet said. Naposki briefly moved overseas, where he played American football, then moved to Connecticut, where he was living with his fiancée, the news outlet reported.

William McNeal, who was Packard’s husband at the time of her arrest, testified against her, according to trial coverage by The Orange County Register. He said at the trial that he was blindsided when his wife was arrested and initially supported her, and then realized she had lied to him about many things, the news article said.

“I never ever knew she was a suspect in a murder case,” McNeal said at trial, according to the article.

McNeal testified he and Packard had a son together, who he eventually stopped bringing on jail visits, the article said. He filed for divorce in 2010.

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