Million MAGA Marcher Says Cop Should’ve Kneeled on George Floyd ‘Longer’

MAGA march George Floyd

Twitter A man at the 'Million MAGA March' in Washington, D.C., on November 14 said George Floyd would still be alive if he had 'behaved.'

A supporter of President Donald Trump is going viral after he was filmed saying former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin should have kneeled on George Floyd‘s neck “longer.”

Dave Pal, who runs the popular Twitter account Fifty Shades of Whey, uploaded the video on Sunday, November 15, with the caption: “Trump supporter says Chauvin should’ve kneeled on George Floyd’s neck longer.”

The man, whose name isn’t known, sports a red “Trump 2020” visor with fake hair as he is heard in the roughly 25-second clip commenting on the May murder of Floyd, an unarmed Black man who died while in Minneapolis, Minnesota, police custody. Floyd’s death sparked global outrage after bystander footage showed Chauvin kneeling on the 46-year-old’s neck for nearly nine minutes while he begged for air.

“He should’ve done it f****** longer,” the Trump supporter says directly to the camera. It is unclear what events between the man and the person filming transpired prior to the recording. “Justice Journalist” Chuck Modi responded to Pal’s tweet, saying he “was the journalist who did this interview on a dangerous day and was even punched in the face by a Trumper.”

Pal said in a follow-up tweet that the man was “last seen … at the ‘million’ MAGA march.”

The march took place on November 14 in Washington, D.C., in support of Trump, according to its website. Here’s what you need to know about the video:

The MAGA Marcher Claimed Floyd Would Still Be Alive if He ‘Behaved’


GettyFlowers, signs and balloons are left near a makeshift memorial to George Floyd near the spot where he died while in the custody of Minneapolis police.

The video begins with the Trump supporter claiming Floyd would still be alive if he had only “behaved.”

“If he would’ve behaved from the get-go, and not try to pass false money, he’d still be alive today,” the man says to the person recording. “It’s not that hard to behave.”

The New York Times reported that Minneapolis police officers on May 25 responded to a call from a store clerk who accused Floyd of using a fake $20 bill to pay for cigarettes.

A man’s voice behind the camera asks the marcher if he is “OK” with the fact that Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, according to the Twitter video.

“He should’ve done it f****** longer,” the Trump supporter snaps back. “He should’ve done it longer,” he says again on camera. “You need more?”

The videographer then says he is “flabbergasted” before the clip concludes.

Another Video Shows the Same Man Using Homophobic Slurs

In another video from the march, the same unidentified man can be seen using homophobic slurs while sticking up his middle fingers. The man yells at people confronting him, “all you f****** f*****,” using a homophobic slur.

He then yells several times, “f*** you” to the counterprotesters who also gathered at the march in D.C. on Saturday, November 14. The man has not been identified and has not commented about the reaction to the videos of him.

In the videos, the man can be seen wearing a shirt that says “legal votes matter,” a reference to Trump’s demands that only legal votes should be counted. Trump and his campaign have not presented any actual evidence that widespread “illegal votes” were counted, and several lawsuits brought by the campaign in multiple states have been thrown out by judges.

The Encounter Is Going Viral on Twitter

The tweet by Fifty Shades of Whey has since garnered over 65,000 views and more than 500 retweets.

Many were quick to condemn the Trump supporter as racist, while others sought to identify the man.

“I hope whoever he works for sees this and fires his a**,” one person tweeted. “I have seen Twitter work some miracles.”

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Another criticized the man for representing “the worst of America.”

“There is no compromising or reaching across isles with people who are ok with you being killed,” Spawn on Me Podcast CEO Kahlief Adams wrote.

Crowds of Trump Supporters Flooded the Nation’s Capital to Protest the 2020 Presidential Election Results

CNN reported that thousands of Trump supporters on Saturday, November 14, flooded the nation’s capital to protest the 2020 presidential election results.

The president has repeatedly argued that voter fraud interfered with the November 3 presidential race, causing president-elect Joe Biden to come out on top.

March organizers claim that Trump’s fanbase is being censored by the media, according to the event website. In a call to action, the Million MAGA March website states:

We are being Censored, Banned, and Suppressed by the Social Media Giants, the Main Stream Media, as well as other Countries. The time is NOW to stand for this Country and the United States Constitution. Now is a New Birth of Freedom and it cannot be Stopped!

Trump, who has refused to concede, surprised the marchers with his motorcade shortly after 10 a.m. on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Meanwhile, a smaller group of counterprotesters in support of Biden gathered near the Supreme Court to celebrate his electoral victory, CNN added.

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