Josh McNary Rape Charge: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

An Indianapolis Colts linebacker who attended West Point has been charged with rape in Indiana. Josh McNary was formally charged with the crime on January 14, days before the Colts’ matchup against the Patriots in the AFC Championship.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. The Alleged Victim Brought McNary’s Phone to the Police

The alleged incident was reported on December 1, reports WTHR.

Fox Indianapolis reports that the alleged victim told police she “met an unknown man at a downtown bar and went to his apartment downtown. She says that a fight broke out before McNary allegedly raped her.”

The victim took McNary’s cellphone with her, and cops traced it to him.

2. He’s Accused of Making the Victim Bleed

McNary faces one charge of rape, one count of criminal confinement and one count of battery, reports Fox Indianapolis:

A hospital examination revealed that the woman suffered injuries, including dried blood behind her ear. She told police she scratched her attacker. The victim told police that when she scratched McNary, he said, “Look what you did to me.”

The charges were filed in Marion County, Indiana.

3. He Didn’t Play in the Colts’ Playoff Win Over the Broncos



McNary wears Number 57 for the Colts. He hasn’t played since Week 17’s win over Tennessee. He played in 15 games this season, including four starts. McNary was signed to the Colts practice team for most of the 2013 season.

4. Before Joining the Colts He Was a ‘Cannon-Cocker’ in the Army

McNary played college ball at the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he was a walk-on. The Indianapolis Star reports that McNary has a long lineage of military service in his family. His father was a Marine Corps officer, and both of his grandfathers served, in World War II and the Korean War, respectively. His uncle won a Bronze Star for his actions in Iraq. McNary played his high school football in Houston.

In the video below, McNary returns a fumble 55 yards for a touchdown on December 30, 2010, in Army’s victory over Southern Methodist University in the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl. It was Army’s first bowl-game win in 25 years.

The Star reports that when the Colts offered him a contract two years ago, McNary was working as a “cannon-cocker” in the U.S. Army:

As such, he plotted and commanded fire missions on the gun line of a 155-millimeter artillery battery whose cannons heaved lethal 100-pound projectiles as far as 19 miles downrange.

McNary played high school ball at Clear Lake High School in Houston.

5. He Recently Made a Cryptic Instagram Post

Three days ago, McNary posted a photo of himself making a tackle against Cincinnati with this message:

Must do for self in this world. Give some ppl an inch, they’ll take a foot and stomp on your throat with it… No F-me. F-U!!

McNary’s last activity on Instagram was when he posted this Meme on January 13:




You forgot that he was examined and found to have scratches all over him – just as the woman said. This guy needs to go to prison for a long time.


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