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11 Best Practice Golf Balls: Your Easy Buying Guide

best practice golf balls

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Golf isn’t easy. It takes a lot of practice to become a good player. But you don’t necessarily need to whack a ball 200 yards to work on your swing. Some of the best practice golf balls are made of foam or plastic that only travel a short distance, which helps if you’re playing in your backyard or an area with limited space. It’s all about perfecting your swing, whether you’re using your driver, irons, or wedges. It takes time, but the results will come.

So we’ve come up with a list below of the some of the most popular and functional used golf balls to help you narrow down your decision. Take a look and see which is the right fit for you. The ones on the list below are for either indoor or outdoor use (in most cases, both), and there are options for foam, plastic, and even a couple for regulation balls.

You could always use cheap golf balls, but even those are better suited for actual play. But using ones designed for practice are even more cost-effecient, and, if foam or plastic, less prone to breaking things around the house.

What are the Best Practice Golf Balls in 2019?

pridesports practice golf balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Low price
  • Different ball options available
Price: $6.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
birdieball golf practice balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Innovative
  • Durable
  • Real golf ball feel
Price: $39.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
white plastic practice golf balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Durable polyurethane
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Accuracy
Price: $15.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
callaway practice golf balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Callaway technology
  • Mesh carrying bag included
  • Durable
Price: $13.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
used golf balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for real simulation
  • Good bulk buy
  • Mesh bag included
Price: $47.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
paragon practice golf balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Two kinds of golf balls included
  • Carrying bag included
  • Good value
Price: $12.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
almost golf point3 practice balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Restricted flight
  • Durable
  • Accurate simulation
Price: $18.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
jef world of golf foam practice balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Restricted flight
  • Includes a range bucket
  • Good bulk buy
Price: $31.96 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
aa grade practice golf balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Good bulk buy
  • Accurate simulation
  • Includes a mesh carrying bag
Price: $43.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
plastic hollow golf balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for indoors
  • Regulation size
  • Good bulk buy
Price: $14.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
izzo golf flatballs Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Innovative product
  • Good price
  • Improves swing
Price: $7.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. PrideSports Practice Balls

    • Soft, dimpled foam balls are perfect for indoor or outdoor use
    • Can also be used to practice putting
    • You also have the option of getting solid or perforated plastic golf balls
    • Probably not suited to use with a driver
    • Some felt the balls had inconsistent density
    • Some felt the plastic ball option were too light

    These pictured PrideSports Practice Golf Balls are made of foam and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

    The durable foam construction makes them conducive to hitting with all clubs, including golf drivers, without fear of breaking them. They won’t travel too far, but you have limited space, you might consider hitting them into a net, especially if you’re using a longer club. The bright yellow color makes them easy to spot, especially if you’re outside hitting them into grass.

    You can also use these balls, which come in a pack of 12, on practice putting greens.

    These PrideSports practice balls are also available in other options — Orange perforated plastic, Orange solid plastic, White perforated plastic, and White solid plastic.

  2. 2. BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls

    • Has a limited flight distance, but feels and flies just like a real ball
    • You can draw it and fade it
    • It comes highly recommended by golf professionals and teachers
    • On the pricey side
    • Might take some a little while to get used to the shape
    • Some users felt they weren't effective drivers or woods

    Highly recommended by professionals and golf coaches, these BirdieBalls are considered by many as some of the best practice golf balls on the market right now. Thing is, they’re technically not golf balls.

    They’re not shaped like a standard ball, but more like a hollowed out marshmallow. But it is designed to simulate the path and movement of a real golf ball, including flight and trajectory. It has a limited flight distance (40 yards, per BirdieBall), so you can do your natural swing as if you were on the course. You can even fade it and draw it.

    It’s made of a durable super polymer so they should be long-lasting. It comes in a 12-pack.

    Check out the video below for more information on the BirdieBall.

    VideoVideo related to birdieball practice golf balls2019-04-06T14:18:44-04:00
  3. 3. Crown Sporting Goods Polyurethane White Plastic Golf Balls

    • Made from durable polyurethane to protect from damage
    • Designed with symmetrical holes so spin and distance can be accurately simulated
    • If balls do become dented, they can easily popped out to the normal shape
    • On the pricey side for plastic golf balls
    • Not ideal for putting practice
    • Probably not the best practice balls for chipping

    The Crown Sporting Goods Polyurethane White Plastic Golf Balls come in a pack of 24 and are designed for indoor or outdoor use.

    Made of durable polyurethane, these golf balls are constructed to absorb a high level of shock on contact so they can be used with nearly every club in your bag on or off the tee. 

    Regulation size, they feature symmetrical holes that simulate the true spin and accuracy you’ll get from standard golf balls, just with less distance — and damage, if you’re playing near your house or car.



  4. 4. Callaway HX Practice Golf Balls

    • Each ball has Callaway's patented HEX dimple pattern
    • It simulates the actual ball flight but they don't travel as far
    • Made of durable foam, they're designed to have a soft flight path
    • Could be dangerous indoors, unless hitting into a net
    • Lightweight, so the flight might be affected by the wind
    • A bit on the pricey side for practice balls

    If it’s an article about golf equipment, you shouldn’t surprised to see a product from Callaway on it. After all, they’re one of the leading producers of golf clubs, bags, shoes, and countless more items. And, of course, some of the best practice golf balls.

    The HX Practice Golf Balls feature Callaway’s patented HEX dimple pattern and are made of durable foam that promotes a soft flight. These practice balls will simulate the actual ball flight — spin, trajectory, draw, fade, etc. — just with less distance. Simply take your swing as you would normally do, but don’t worry about hitting it 200 or so yards. 

    You can get these in 9- or 18-packs in 3 bright, easy-to-see colors — Pink, Orange, and Lime Green. As a bonus, it includes a mesh bag for simple carrying and storage.


  5. 5. 100 Hit-Away Practice Golf Balls

    • Great for real-life play simulation
    • Excellent to help work on putting and chipping
    • Perfect for course use for beginner golfers
    • Not the best quality if you plan on using them on the course
    • Probably not suited for backyard practice, unless you have a net
    • Might not be very durable for very long

    Sometimes when practicing you want the real thing, so used golf balls might be the way to go. And with these, you’ll get 100 used golf balls from some of the top brands like Srixon, Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, and more. You’ll also receive a mesh bag for easy carrying and storage.

    Real golf balls will give you the most accurate simulation to play on the course, whether you’re practicing on the putting green, driving range, or chipping area. You can certainly use them at home, too. Just make sure you’re hitting them into a practice net.

    And if you’re tired of losing golf balls to hazards on the course or in the woods and don’t like spending money on new ones, you can probably take a few of these along the next time out. Just know, though, these are AA grade (practice quality) golf balls, meaning there will be blemishes and likely some scuffs.

  6. 6. Paragon Practice Ball Combo

    • 36 total golf balls (24 holed, 12 foam) for convenient and save practice (indoor/outdoor)
    • The dimple practice balls are made of durable foam and you'll get a good simulation of a real golf
    • The reusable mesh storage makes storage and carrying easy
    • Durability can become an issue (cracking, etc.)
    • Some users said the bag design is flawed and sometimes difficult to get balls in and out
    • Not the best balls for putting practice

    Some might consider these the best practice golf balls because you get a combo pack of two different kinds — dimpled foam ones and hollow flow balls.

    You’ll receive 24 plastic golf balls with holes, which are ideal for backyard practice — or indoors — to work on your stroke, and 12 dense foam balls, which will help you get a better simulation of actual ball flight, trajectory, and spin.

    Neither are all that great when it comes to putting practice, but you should be able to take full swings with all your other clubs. Though, I’d recommend using the dimpled golf balls for drivers, woods, and hybrid clubs

  7. 7. AlmostGolf Point3 Practice Balls

    • The true-flight characteristics accurately simulates your golf swing, ball striking, and follow through
    • It is designed to simulate true spin, trajectory, and accuracy as you would on the course
    • The ball is designed to travel 1/3 as far as a normal golf ball, making it safe to use in larger outdoor areas
    • On the pricey side
    • Probably not the best ball for putting practice
    • You'll probably need a decent amount of space if you're using a driver or wood

    The AlmostGolf Point3 Practice Balls feature innovative technology designed to simulate on-course play just with less distance for the ultimate practice session.

    The balls are constructed in a way which will allow you to take a full swing and get immediate feedback without worry of the ball traveling very far. The ball is designed to travel 1/3 of a normal golf ball with same club.

    The exterior of the ball features 1/8 mm dimples which allows it to get true flight, trajectory, and spin. The interior is made of a dense, durable foam and has a .32 Coefficient of Restitution (COR) rating, which restricts the traveling distance.

  8. 8. Jef World of Golf Foam Practice Balls

    • These balls are designed to travel about 1/3 the distance of a regulation ball
    • The balls are designed to simulate real flight, trajectory, and spin
    • The easy-to-carry range bucket is durably made with a chrome finish
    • Some users said they can get caught up in the wind easily
    • Probably not the best balls for putting practice
    • Some users said they received less golf balls than advertised

    Jef World of Golf is well-known for making high-quality golf training aids and equipment, and their foam training balls are designed to help you sharpen your stroke for all the clubs in your bag.

    Constructed of a dense foam interior with a durable, dimpled exterior. the golf balls were built to take the brunt of full swings on all clubs from drivers to wedges to give an accurate simulation when it comes to flight, trajectory, and spin. You’ll get immediate feedback every time you swing.

    But they have restricted flight, so they’ll travel about 1/3 of the distance of a regulation golf ball. And the soft construction will help prevent damage, especially if you’re playing in the backyard where houses, windows, cars, and more can be unintended targets. 

    You’ll get 42 brightly colored golf balls and a chrome-finished driving range bucket to carry and store them in. 

  9. 9. Nitro AA Grade Practice Golf Balls

    • They are real golf balls so you'll get the most accurate simulation
    • Designed to help improve your all-around swing from spin, trajectory, and flight
    • These are great golf balls for beginners just learning to play
    • These balls will have blemishes and scuffs
    • Probably should be used in smaller areas
    • You're probably not going to get a lot of balls from the top brands

    If you want the most accurate simulation of real ball flight, then using regulation golf balls is the way to go. But you don’t need to use the highest-quality golf balls to do so.

    These AA Grade Practice Balls will come with some blemishes, scratches, and discoloration, but they’re not designed to be used in tournament play. They’re designed to improve  your golf swing, whether it’s a driver, iron, wedge, or putter. 

    And if you’re a beginner and not ready to hit advanced, more expensive golf balls, throw some of these in your golf bag and hit the course for a practice round. 

    These are available in 96- or 132-count and come with a mesh bag for easy storage and carrying.

  10. 10. CrestGolf Hollow Plastic Practice Golf Balls

    • Ideal for indoor practice or in smaller areas
    • Has a plastic cover and hollow center so unlikely to be harmful or prone to breaking valuables
    • These are multi-functional and kid-friendly
    • Not very durable
    • You likely won't get a very accurate simulation in ball flight
    • Lighter weight makes them susceptible to wind

    It’s raining outside but you still want to get some practice swings in. What to do? Break out your plastic hollow practice golf balls from CrestGolf, that’s what you do.

    These are designed for indoor use because they are lightweight and won’t break anything (well, I’m sure they could in some instances). Whether you’re hitting them into a net in the garage or just taking easy swings, the solid plastic exterior will hold up for hours of practice and fun.

    And, of course, you can use them outside. You can take a full swing and they won’t travel far. They might not be the best practice golf balls for your driver, but they’re perfect for lower irons and sand and pitching wedges.  

  11. 11. IZZO Golf Flatball Swing Training Aid

    • Designed to help you get a proper swing plane
    • Soft rubber construction makes them suitable for indoor/outdoor use
    • Helps establish better posture and aim
    • Might take some time to getting used to the flat shape
    • You won't get immediate feedback on ball flight
    • While made to travel limited distances, some users said the discs will occasionally go very far if hit well

    Sometimes the best practice golf balls aren’t actually golf balls. The Izzo Golf Flatballs are just that.

    The design of the Flatball is to help you eliminate hitting the ball “fat” or “thin” but to consistenly promote a proper swing plane. It measures just 1/4 inch high, so your clubhead must be that far off the ground in order to hit it. If you’re too high, you’ll swing right over it. 

    It’s made of a soft rubber material and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as it won’t travel a far distance.

    The Izzo Flatball is certainly innovative and might take a little while to get used to. But once you do, you’re going to see results.



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