Mic’d Up Chat Between Andy Reid and Tyrann Mathieu at Super Bowl Goes Viral [WATCH]

Head coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs holds up the Lamar Hunt trophy after defeating the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium on January 19, 2020 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs defeated the Titans 35-24. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

For Kansas City Chiefs fans, the joy of being Super Bowl champions 50 years after winning their last title is a feeling that won’t be going away anytime soon. Coupled with heartwarming footage of conversations between the players and coaches, well that’s sure to ignite plenty of emotion form now until the first game of next season.

In a newly-released mic’d up conversation between head coach Andy Reid and star safety Tyrann Mathieu during Super Bowl LIV, the veteran playcaller can be heard motivating Mathieu to “lead” the team to holding the San Francisco 49ers to a crucial three-and-out.

“Lead them. Lead them. That’s what you’re here for, man. Best in the business. Best in the business,” Reid said to the Honeybadger, to which he responded, “I got you.”

San Francisco had just taken 24-20 lead in the fourth quarter and now it was the defense’s turn to ensure Jimmy Garappolo and company couldn’t have a chance to get within scoring range.

The Niners were able to march down to the Chiefs’ 49, but was eventually stopped thanks to Steve Spagnuolo relentless defense. It’s a heartwarming clip that shows not only the relationship Reid has built with nearly every player on the team, but the confidence he has in said athletes to make big time plays when given the opportunity.

Mathieu Was Voted Team MVP Shortly After Super Bowl LIV

While quarterback Patrick Mahomes took home Super Bowl MVP honors, Mathieu’s teammates voted him as the most valuable player for the franchise this campaign.

It’s a much-deserved honor for the former LSU Tiger, who has sung the praises of Coach Reid since joining the team as a free agent in March 2019.

“He’s such a good guy, he’s such a good coach,” Mathieu said, via Sports Illustrated. “He gives us our space, he lets us be ourselves. We have a lot of personality in this locker room. We got a lot of personality in this locker room. He lets us believe in that. Hats off to him. He does a lot not only for the players but the coaches as well. He’s created this coaching tree. We’re proud all the way around.”

Fans Are Feeling a ‘Happiness Hangover’ From Super Bowl

With so much excitement leading up to the Super Bowl, many Chiefs fans are now wondering what to do now that they’ve lifted the Lombardi Trophy. For the first time since August, the attention isn’t round-the-clock and new games won’t be played for several more months. Consequently, that has led doctors at the University of Kansas Medical Center to classify this period as the “happiness hangover” cycle.

“It is a real thing,” Dr. Gregory Nawalanic said to Fox 4 Kansas City.

However, Dr. Nawalanic adds that it’s natural to have this reaction after such a monumental event.

“It’s normal to experience it because the human brain isn’t made to be running on the highs of a major life event for a long amount of time.”

Those familiar with this feeling likely know that it compares to that of the “Sunday scaries” or can also occur after a life-changing event such as a wedding.

“Activity is the enemy of sadness and the blues,” Dr. Nawalanic explained. “So the more you can engage with friends and family, the more you can engage in activities you enjoy.”

With baseball and Major League Soccer making their season debuts in a matter of weeks, perhaps this turn of attention will be the boost Chiefs fans need to root for another storied Kansas City franchise.