Mavs’ Luka Doncic Nowhere Near Sixers’ Moses Malone, Says Snoop Dogg

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Earlier this season during a blowout win for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Dallas Mavericks. Snoop Dog hopped on Instagram after the commentators on ESPN said Luka Doncic was the Best 20-year-old in NBA history.

The hip hop icon took exception to that comment and let the world know about it.

“They are saying  Luka Doncic is the best 20 years old. That’s a M****F**** lie, he good, but he is not the best M****F**** to play in the F***** NBA. Don’t you ever disrespect Moses Malone N****, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett,” said Snoop Dogg. “All them N**** were 20 years old, and they were dogs in the league, and the league was harder to play in. This soft A** league, and he still can’t do anything.”

Snoop Dogg was on All the Smoke with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, and during their chat, Snoop Dogg was about the state of the NBA from his stand.

“I started watching basketball in the 70s. I watched Kareem and them N*** get in a fight and didn’t get suspend N***, and came right back. N*** sat down for a commercial. Chick Hearns will be right back, and he went right back in the game N*** for real,” said Snoop Dogg.

“I just don’t know man, like I say, and another thing I want to speak on they are putting too much on these new players. They good, but they are not that good. When they were talking about Luka Doncic being the best 20-year-old that rubbed me the wrong way. For one, Moses Malone came out of high school, and N*** you are nowhere near Moses Malone M****F****. Moses Malone averaged a double-double with the Houston Rockets don’t get it F**** Up. Then he came to Philadephia four games to none with Kareem and Magic.”

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Goran Dragic Weighs-in on Luka Doncic

Last month, before the Miami Heat took on the Dallas Mavericks, Miami, Heat guard Goran Dragic shared that he knew Luka Doncic was special at a young age. He also shared that he was impressed with Doncic and is playing at an MVP level.

“I knew Luka when he was 5 or 6. I played with his dad. He was the ballboy. He’s special. I’m really impressed, said Dragic. I knew what he could achieve, but not so quickly. He’s playing at an MVP level. It’s always nice to see Luka and talk smack.”

Back in January, Carmelo Anthony shared that he thought Luka Doncic is a walking bucket. “Aw, it was great he is special,” Doncic told me. “He is still a walking bucket. It’s beautiful to watch.”

“I hope you guys out here in Dallas appreciate what you have right now in front of you,” said Anthony.

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