Anthony Templet’s 911 Call: Listen to the Full Recording From ‘I Just Killed My Dad’

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Netflix A promotional image for "I Just Killed My Dad."

Anthony Templet made a startling 911 call to say he had just shot his father to death in June 2019. The 17-year-old boy told a dispatcher he fired three shots and told her “I just killed my dad.”

The line became the name of the new Netflix docuseries, which dropped August 9, 2022. This is a spoilers-free post, but you can learn more about Templet and what happened in his case here and learn more about his attorney here. Read on to listen to the full recording of Templet’s 911 call.

Here’s what you need to know:

Templet Told a Dispatcher He Tried to Shoot His Dad, Burt Templet, in the Head But He Was Not Sure If He Died

Templet placed a 911 call soon after shooting his father twice in June 2019. A fatal shot to the head was what killed Burt Templet several days after he was taken to the hospital and placed on a ventilator.

The teen placed the call with a shaky voice.

“Uh, I just killed my dad,” he said after the dispatcher answered the phone. “Uh, what do I need to tell you?”

The dispatcher confirmed that she heard him correctly, and asked for his address. He was unsure of the address, and asked if there was any way for them to come anyway.

Templet told the dispatcher he was not sure whether or not his dad was dead. He said he knew he was hit because there was blood on the ground, and that the man was on the ground.

“He tried to attack me,” Anthony said to the 911 operator. “Then, we got into a fist fight. Then, I ran in his room, closed the door, and got a gun. As I unlocked the door, he tried to {inaudible} and then I shot him.”

He said that he aimed for his dad’s head, but hit him in the chest and was not sure where he was hit.

The recording cuts off when the dispatcher transferred him to answer additional questions.

Templet Said That He Thought First Responders Would Save His Dad

Templet said on the Netflix documentary that he thought that emergency personnel would be able to save his dad even after he was shot. He told interviewers that he intended to shoot Burt Templet, but that he thought the man would just hit the ground. Medics would save the man, he said he believed.

Susan Templet, Burt Templet’s wife and Anthony Templet’s stepmom, tearfully described receiving a phone call telling her that her husband was in critical condition in the trauma center at “Our Lady of the Lake” hospital. She said she held his hand, talked to her husband and told him she loved him no matter what. Days later, when Templet showed no signs of improvement, she shut off the machines that were keeping her husband alive.

Anthony Templet told police during interviews that his fight with his dad started when he looked through the teen’s phone in the middle of the night and realized he was talking to his stepmom. He said Burt Templet and Susan had gotten into a fight, and she left weeks earlier.

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