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101 Best Toys for 6 Year Old Girls: Your Ultimate List

Don’t worry, everyone struggles to find the right gifts for 6 year olds. That’s why we’ve spent probably far too much time searching online in a bid to track down the very best toys for 6-year-old girls for every kind of budget. So get comfortable because we’re about to run through 101 of the best toys worthy of your consideration.

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Looking for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions online? We're here to help. 

Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Daughter

Whenever you're picking out gifts for your 6 year old daughter, you want something that's going to wow.

That doesn't necessarily mean to go with the most expensive option, of course, but it does need to be something that'll impress them. 

Six is the age when you want to move away from baby toys and gravitate them towards the more popular toys, like Barbie, but also interactive pet toys (like those at the top of this list). 

Kids love being able to role-play their adventures - that's the whole point of dolls after all - so interactive pets mean they have someone who responds to them. 

And although I did say the most expensive doesn't necessarily translate to the best, if they're into dolls, the dollhouses on this gift guide are second to none. They are pricey, sure, but they're well worth the investment. 

Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Granddaughter

While a lot of the above answer applies to this question, I don't expect a grandparent to spend a small fortune on their granddaughter's Birthday or Christmas gift. 

The best advice I have is the most obvious: Talk to their parents first!

See whether you can team up to buy a gift, or if they're buying a dollhouse, you buy dolls. 

Parents will know their child best, so remove any of the guesswork and go directly to the source. 

Should that not be possible for whatever reason, the most popular gifts at the moment fluctuates between dolls and interactive pets. 

Kids love being able to interact with their toys, so gifts like the Boppy Llama on this list is a sound purchase. 

Likewise, dolls are a toy that will never, ever go out of fashion, and with such a wide range available, you really can match a doll with their interests. 

Educational Toys for 6 Year Olds

Well, this is actually much easier to answer than you think. But before we begin, let's keep in mind development toys are just as important as educational toys. 

You see, playing with dolls develops a child's motor skills thanks to their moving limbs and removable clothing. Interactive toys promote social skills. Lego aids in their problem-solving abilities. And video games are great for hand-eye coordination and teaching them about the world outside (depending on the game they play, of course). 

In short, the vast majority of toys out there aid in a child's development in some way. It's just companies realized they could attach fancy words like "STEM" onto something and customers would assume it's better for a child than other more traditional name-brand toys. 

So, if it's something to develop a child's skillset, don't overthink it. But if you're after something to teach a child about numbers, letters, or general schooly stuff, there's always the LeapFrog tablet near the top of this list. 

6 Year Old Boy Birthday Ideas

If you're after a rundown of the best toys for 6 year old boys, we've got you covered. 

The main difference between toys for 6 year old girls and toys for 6 year old boys is, mostly, the type of toys they like. Boys tend to gravitate towards the more stereotypical boys' toys - like Marvel, Fortnite, Lego - and while girls love those types of toys as well, girls are more varied in comparison. 

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