NFL Power Rankings Week 5

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  1. Your power rankings suck. Steelers move down two spots after handily beating Jets and holding their D line to one sack even though their O line is playing with 3rd stringers. Pats are the best team, followed by Steelers, Minnestota… Seattle scored like 6 points through first two weeks, Matty Ice chokes once playoffs score and Denver with 3rd string unproven QB. Who is making your picks?

      • Steelers are the BEST offence in the NFL and their D is rounding into Forum.Shouks not be in the Top 15.?
        What are you smiling Hate all you want buddy but The Steelers were a pre season favourite to win the Super Bowl
        and they will do so come February.What an assinine comment.

    • You think the Steelers are better than Minnesota? I’d put money on Minnesota against the Patriots, let alone the Steelers. They are all great teams, but the way Minnesota wins even when they are banged up as bad as they are is highly impressive.

      • Then you would lose your money.What the Vikes have done so far is impressive but they will not be there when it counts.Too new ,too fragile and Aaron Rodgers is in their division.Sorry to inform you ,but even after a hiccup against the Eagles The Steelers are the best team in the NFL Abd that’s a fact Jack

  2. I hate the Steelers and I think you have them ranked by about 5 spots too low. Not sure what you were smoking when you came up with these, but I want some of it.

    • The only time they played one of the other teams Ranked in the top 10 they gave up 34 points and scored a grand total of 3. They have looked real good when playing teams ranked way lower than them.

  3. Nice ranking guy. Looking very credible compared to the ESPN and fan sided clowns. No favorites, just reality. When a team is 5-0 and the last unbeaten squad take a close look at who they beat and how they did it. Vikings dispatched great teams at home, away, and most important without there entire starting offense save for the receivers, can’t say it’s just the defense anymore, qb is the last one without a pick. Top 5 qb, top D, top Special teams, top 5 receiver, top 5 tight end…. Coach of the year, 3 supporting coaches who used to be head coaches best home field advantage and best running back possibly ever in nfl returning for playoffs….. Sorry haters, your looking at the Suberbowl Champs and Dynasty for next 10 years!!!

  4. The Falcons beat the Super Bowl runners up and the super bowl champions, back to back. And still Denver is ranked better than Atlanta. Pardon us while we ‘fluke’ ourselves into a SB.

    • The falcons lost to an unranked team who Denver beat handily when they had their starting quarterback. New England and Denver’s losses are being discounted slightly because they were without their starting quarterback. It’s not just about who you beat but who you lose to. If Matt Ryan got knocked out for a game and Atlanta lost a game they shouldn’t have, that Loss would also be discounted.

      • The vikings are the best team in the nfl right now followed by the falcons and then the patriot and Maybe oakland after that cause they have been doing very good as of late

  5. Jonathan. .Hiw on earth do the Steelers drop 2 places after demolishing the Jets and Seattle on a buy week move up???These rankings are a joke .Lets put the Brady Bunch at no 2 after beating Cleveland ??
    When the Steelers hoist an unorecedenting 7 th Lombardi in February ,you can eat this ranking report.You are paid for a professional opinion.Try printing one once in awhile:

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