Riquan James is suing NFL stars Mike and Maurkice Pouncey after an altercation at a Miami nightclub on July 11.

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Aaron Hernandez Arraignment

According to prosecutors, Aaron Hernandez trouble with Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtardo began when Abreu accidentally spilled the former Patriots star’s drink.

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According to TMZ, Hernandez had a beef with the victim.

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Hernandez is seen getting into a car that later pulls up next to the two victims. Someone fires five or six shots, killing both.

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Shayana Jenkins has been indicted for perjury in the investigation into her fiance, Aaron Hernandez, who is accused of the first degree murder of Odin Lloyd.

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The former Patriots star was reportedly hooked on PCP around the time of Odin Lloyd’s murder.

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The NFLPA say that Hernandez is owed money for turning up for training prior to being arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

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The former NFL star appeared in court today and was formally indicted for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Read the documents here.

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Authorities have found a gun that was involved in a 2012 Boston murder in the car Jaliene Diaz-Ramos. Aaron Hernandez, former Patriot is linked to the murder.

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In the latest letter from the murder suspect, Hernandez offers his pen-pal tips on parenting.

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