Shayanna Jenkins’ Sister Shaneah Jenkins: Her Life Now

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Facebook Shaneah Jenkins (l) and with Shayanna Jenkins. Learn about her life today.

Shaneah Jenkins is the sister of former New England Patriots’ star Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez. She was also the girlfriend of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd, the man Hernandez was convicting of murdering.

Hernandez’s downfall is featured in a new Netflix series that focuses, in part, on the Lloyd trial. Hernandez was also accused in a double homicide, for which he was acquitted, and in a string of other violent crimes.

Trial footage shows an estrangement between the sisters after Shayanna, the mother of Hernandez’s child, opted to remain at Aaron’s side throughout the trial (she still writes loving odes to him on Instagram.) Hernandez, whose brain was riddled with CTE, committed suicide in a Massachusetts prison cell in 2017. How many people did he kill overall? You can read an exploration of that here.

According to Oxygen, Shayanna explained her “ride or die” mentality toward Aaron, saying, “This is someone you love … and you think about your future and what’s happening. I wasn’t going to let him experience it alone. I was going to stick by his side every step of the way.”

Shayanna had to pick. She picked Aaron. It fractured her relationship with her sister, Shaneah.

However, where is Shaneah Jenkins today? What is Shayanna’s sister doing now? Today, she is listed as a lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. In 2019, she was listed by the DA’s office in a news release as “Assistant District Attorney Shaneah Jenkins” and a member of the office’s Public Integrity Unit. She passed the Georgia bar in 2018. Some sites give her name as Shanea Jenkins, but her bar association listing spells it Shaneah.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Relationship Between the Once Close Sisters Broke Down After the Murder

According to online property records, Shaneah Jenkins today lives in the State of Georgia. She is 28 years old. Her Facebook and LinkedIn pages are now deleted, but she has an active Pinterest page where she’s posted inspirational quotes about family. In 2016, she was living in Massachusetts, but she moved to Georgia by 2018.

Although Shaneah doesn’t have an obvious Facebook page, a different half-sister does. One of the people who’s liked her pictures: Terri Hernandez, Aaron’s mom.

Shayanna and Shaneah were born two years apart, according to The newspaper reported that Shayanna would sit on the side of the courtroom representing Hernandez’s family, but Shaneah would sit with Lloyd’s.

The two sisters with another sibling. reported that the sisters were both raised in Bristol, Connecticut. At the time of the Lloyd trial, Shayanna was 25 years old, and Shaneah was 23. Shayanna had an off-and-on relationship with Hernandez that started in high school and involved a college breakup. At the time of Hernandez’s trial, she was living with him and the mother of his young child.

According to, Shaneah majored in criminology at Central Connecticut State University and worked at a law firm, hotel, and home care company. She met Lloyd at the hotel. In 2015, she was described as a criminal law student at New England School of Law. In 2017, Shaneah, in law school still, was named by the Massachusetts State Bar to its Law School Section Council. Her Bar Association listing for the Fulton County DA’s office lists that law school.

The sisters’ mother is named Jodi Jenkins. The story says they also have a younger sister. Here’s a photo their mom posted on Facebook with Shayanna in 2009:

Jodi Jenkins-Lugo with her daughter Shayanna Jenkins.

Shaneah was working at a hotel in college when she met Lloyd. It was 2012.

A 2017 article in Bleacher Report described the sisters’ once closeness, saying, “The sisters were close; Shaneah had stayed at Hernandez’s house in the days following Lloyd’s murder, and Hernandez had assured her he would help catch Lloyd’s killer.”

After police accused Hernandez of being that killer, the sisters became estranged, sharing “stilted conversations,” the site reports.

Shaneah became so close to Lloyd’s family that his sister, Olivia Thibou, referred to her as a sister in that article. When Shaneah called Olivia, the caller ID read, “Shaneah — My Little Part of Odin.”

As for Shayanna, she’s got a new baby with a new boyfriend and lives in Rhode Island. On the anniversary of Aaron’s suicide, she often posts lengthy tributes to him. She is raising their child, a daughter. You can read more about her life now here:

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