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Tonight, Showtime will premiere a documentary series about mass shooting sin America. Find out when and where to watch here.

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Tonight, Katie Couric introduces a new two hour special documentary, Gender Revolution, on National Geographic. Find out the time, channel, and more details.

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These are some of the best, under appreciated documentaries you need to check out.

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Capturing The Friedmans

Earth Girls Are Easy

Jesus Camp

Crazy Love

Crazy Love tells the astonishing story of the roller-coaster relationship between Burt and Linda Pugach which shocked the nation in 1959. Burt, a 32 year-old married attorney and Linda, a single 20 year-old living in the Bronx had a whirlwind romance which ended in a violent act that landed the pair on the cover of endless newspapers and magazines.

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American: The Bill Hicks Story

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New On Netflix: Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey

Meet the man behind the character who many consider to be the heart and soul of Sesame Street in this fascinating and inspiring documentary.

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Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles

Super Size Me

Did you Super Size yourself over the past week? Watch Morgan Spurlock put his health on the line in this examination of the food industry, including a diet of only McDonald’s everyday for one month.