Dustin Johnson’s problems just got a whole lot worse.

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drew barrymore sister dead, jessica barrymore drew sister

Jessica Barrymore, the half sister of Drew Barrymore, was found dead in her car with white pills scattered around her.

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harry devert

A missing 32-year-old New York stock trader was found killed and wrapped in plastic bags in Mexico after attempting to motorcycle to Brazil for the World Cup.

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john mcenroe son arrested, kevin mcenroe drugs

John McEnroe’s son was arrested in NYC in the midst of an apparent drug deal.

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Alix Catherine Tichelman, google hooker, google, google exec, call girl, Alix Tichelman, Forrest Timothy Hayes, santa cruz murder

Cops say this high-priced hooker murdered this Google exec with a heroin injection and watched him die — on camera.

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party map thumb

An graphical representation of the the most boozed-out, drug-fueled colleges in America.

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robin williams

Robin Williams has admitted to drug and alcohol abuse in the past. Now he is back at a rehab facility to maintain his sobriety.

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Indio Downey arrested cocaine, Robert Downey Jr. son arrested drugs Los Angeles

Robert Downey Jr.’s son, Indio, was arrested in West Hollywood Sunday afternoon on felony narcotics charges after the car he was riding in was pulled over.

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Kristina jung

Kristina Jung is the daughter of George Jung, the infamous cocaine smuggler featured in the film Blow.

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george jung released, drug dealer from johnny depp movie

George Jung, the famous cocaine kingpin from the Johnny Depp Movie Blow, is out of prison after almost 20 years.

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