Donald Trump has had a long relationship with Playboy, dating back to a 1990 cover interview. Here’s a look at his ties to the Hugh Hefner-created magazine.

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Daren Metropoulos, a billionaire heir, has bought the Playboy Mansion. He’s big in the party scene, so don’t expect much change.

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Find out how much Ellen DeGeneres makes, her net worth and salary for 2016, and what she spends it on.

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This weekend was the 2014 Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner, sexy body paint models, and crazy decorations. Check out the best pics.

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Celebrities capture their holiday spirit in creative Christmas cards this year.

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Celebrities are reacting all over Twitter, sharing their opinions and concern about the Amber Alert: Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Banks, Rainn Wilson, & Shaq.

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A Royal baby boy is born to parts Duke & Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton & Prince William. Check out celebrity tweets from Jeff Daniels, Nene Leakes & more.

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Wonder what the Vegas odds are on this happening? And who says money can’t buy happiness?

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The roast of Donald Trump was last week and we thought it might be fun to pull together some of the best clips from previous roasts. Cover your virgin ears, kids, it’s about to get dirty.

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Huge week for new movies, including the hilarious Dinner for Schmucks plus more.

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You know he’s the man. But you don’t know these awesome 16 random facts about Hugh Hefner. You’ll be more than surprised. You’ll be impressed.

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Were we on the scene at the Toronto International Film Festival? We were! And we talked with all sorts of people, but I wanted to share this wonderful clip of Heavy getting down and dirty with Hugh Hefner and some of his hottest playmates. Ahh, lovely ladies…

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