It’s a battle where people throw live pigeons at each other like ninja stars… in Russia. The birds aren’t hurt at all, and just fly away before impact.

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leo tolstoy, google

Leo Tolstoy’s 186th birthday is being celebrated by Google Doodle today. Find out all about the Russian author, political thinker, and novelist of War & Peace.

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russia, car, tornado, garage

A man in Bashkiria, Russia is counting his lucky stars after a tornado literally lands on him after he pulls out of his garage. He caught it on his dash cam.

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vladimir putin, judo, martial arts

Russian President Vladimir Putin is highly trained in martial arts, has a black belt, and competes at high level tournaments. Watch his training video here.

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In Russia, graves are marked a bit differently. Check out these crazy, intrinsic, artistic statues carved of people, cars, and more to mark burial sites.

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fat prairie dog

A family driving in rural Russia had to help a chubby prairie dog out of its hole. It was actually a “bobak marmot”; prairie dogs only live in North America.

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