Bridget Lowry, Shane Lowry’s Mother: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Shane Lowry, Shane Lowry family, Shane Lowry US Open, US Open leader

Shane Lowry and his mother, Bridget Lowry. (Facebook)

Shane Lowy, 29, is playing in the U.S. Open today and his mother, Bridget Lowry, will be cheering him on. Lowry is the son of Brendan and Bridget Lowry. His father is a retired Gaelic football player, so Shane had to pick between that sport and golf. Shane has picked the right sport, as he’s already won one PGA Tour Tournament (last year’s WGC-Bridgestone Invitational) and has three European Tour wins.

Here’s a look at Lowry’s mother, Bridget.

1. An Incident With His Mother Caused Shane To Re-Think His Career Goals

Shane Lowry, Shane Lowry parents, Shane Lowry family, Shane Lowry US Open

Shane Lowry at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open Hosted by the Rory Foundation in May 2016 (Getty)

In March 2014, Lowry wrote a op-ed for the Irish Times, explaining how one simple incident with his mother influenced his new outlook on life. He wrote that after a disappointing performance at the DP World Championship in Dubai, he walked into the players lounge and his mother was afraid to talk to him. She saw that he was in “bad form.”

Lowry decided that this was “not Shane Lowry at all.” He had allowed his performance on the golf course to change his mood. He was not going to let that happen again, so he decided it would be better for himself to set long-term, achievable goals than only set short-term, golf-related goals.

Lowry wrote:

In the past, my goals have been short-term. Like, you’re in the top 60 in the world and you need to be in the top 50 and you need to finish tied-fourth this week or stuff like that. It is hard to go in and focus on just playing golf when you’re focused on trying to finish tied-fourth. Having long-term, achievable goals is, I think, a better approach which I’ve set for the seasons ahead rather than in the week of a tournament.

2. Bridget Once Earned More Than Shane After A Tournament

Shane Lowry wins, Shane Lowry parents, Irish Open, golf

Shane Lowry with his parents, Bridget and Brendan, after winning the 2009 Irish Open. (Getty)

In 2009, Lowry won the Irish Open, but since he was an amatuer, he didn’t win any money. Instead, runner-up Robert Rock got to take home 500,000 pounds. But at least someone in his family earned something. According to, Bridget bet on her son winning, with the dds at 250-1. She won 15,000 pounds.

“She had a nice check, more than me, anyway,” Lowry said in 2009.

3. Bridget Said Thieves Who Stole Shane’s Memorabilia ‘Have No Brains’

Shane Lowry, Shane Lowry US Open, US Open leader

Shane Lowry at the 2016 US Open. (Getty)

In August 2012, the Lowry family home in the village of Clara in County Offaly, Ireland was targeted by burglars. Bridget told The Irish Daily Star that they stole the crystal vases Lowry won at the 2009 Irish Open and even some items from Brendan Lowry’s career. No one was home at the time and Lowry was in Switzerland.

“They haven no brains,” Bridget said of the burglars.

Strangely, the burglars didn’t take anything that was really worth money. Brendan said that the memorabilia would “hardly get you anything.”

“There was an iPad and a flat-screen television in the house, but they didn’t take either of them, nor did they take a cheque that was here,” Brendan said.

“So pissed off to hear the news of my parents’ house being 
ransacked last night. There are really some horrible scumbags in this world,” Shane tweeted at the time. “I’m just relieved that no-one was in the house when the house was broken into and that all my family are safe and unhurt.”

4. Bridget & Shane’s Family Wasn’t Angry About Shane Eloping with Wendy Honner

Shane Lowry wife, Wendy Honner, Shane Lowry hot wife, Wendy Honner Shane Lowry

Shane Lowry and his wife Wendy Honner (Facebook)

In an interview on Ireland’s The Eoghan McDermott Show after his marriage to Wendy Honner, Shane said that his family wasn’t angry that they decided to elope in New York instead of having a big party in Ireland. The only witness for their marriage was a photographer.

“The guest list [was spiralling] and I get stressed very easily,” Lowry said. “So we decided the big white wedding at home was not what we wanted.”

Lowry explained that they saw another Irish couple do the same and “thought it was cool.” They cancelled all the plans they had for a big bash and told their families.

“We cancelled plans and told our families, and as long as they were pretty happy, we were happy to go ahead,” Lowry said.

5. Bridget & Brendan Weren’t Into Golf, But Both of Their Sons Are

Shane Lowry, Shane Lowry US Open, US Open leader, Shane Lowry Ireland

Shane Lowry practices for the 2015 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at Kingsbarns Golf Links in September 2015. (Getty)

While Lowry says on his website that his family loves sports, golf wasn’t exactly one of them. He decided to play golf and taught himself how to play. In another column for the Irish Times, Lowry said his parents were just lenient enough to let him get into a different sport.

It was when I was in third and fourth year in school that I really fell in love with golf. I remember transition year. All I did was play golf for the whole year, which was great. I got to fifth and sixth year and kept on playing. Luckily enough my parents were reasonably lenient and let me play.

Lowry’s brother, Alan Lowry, is also a golfer. Last year, Alan won the Mullingar Electrical Scratch Trophy.

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