Is Deandre Ayton Dating Someone? Who is His Girlfriend?


Deandre Ayton is the likely number one pick in tonight’s NBA Draft but we don’t really know a whole lot about who he is.

Ayton recently signed a shoe deal with Puma, effectively putting the shoe brand back into the NBA limelight after being away for 20 years.

There will be a lot of eyes on Ayton tonight and into the future, especially if he does end up being the number one pick in the draft.

One thing with these NBA Draft prospects is a lot of information is not known to the public, especially in Ayton’s case where he grew up outside of the United States.

One thing potential fans might be interested in is Deandre Ayton’s dating life which we will explore a little bit. Ayton is only 19-years-old so he doesn’t have a whole lot on his dating palette but here’s what we know so far based on the clues left on his social media.

Anissa Evans, Ayton’s alleged girlfriend, has been popping up on his Instagram lately and it doesn’t look like they have been together all that long.

The last photo shared by Ayton with his girlfriend was on May 26, almost two months ago. There’s a chance Evans will be seen in the green room and if she is that’s a pretty safe bet the two are still a couple.

Since his personal life is so far out of the public eye, it’s hard to say if the couple are engaged or if they just started dating. Ayton does have another Instagram post calling her “wifey” so it’s hard to tell for sure.

Outside of his dating life, Ayton has opened up more about his rough childhood and the struggles he had to overcome to even be in position to be drafted today. In an interview with ESPN, Ayton spoke about what it was like growing up in the Bahamas.

“Most people say they’re in poverty because they’ve got a little Android [phone],” Ayton said. “Those people [in the Bahamas] don’t have phones. No house phones. People live in wood houses, straw houses. No electricity and barely any water, even though we’re surrounded by water. My mom and dad, they really did a good job because they did their best to not show us that part of the world.”

Once Ayton enters the NBA and becomes more of a household name, it will become harder to keep his personal life out of the spotlight but he has done a good job of doing it until now.

If Ayton ends up going to the Suns, he will quickly become one of their best, if not their best player. Their current center is the aging Tyson Chandler so Deandre Ayton will certainly become their big man of the future if he doesn’t end up starting right away.

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