Kelsey Anderson, Kevin’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kelsey Anderson

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Kelsey Anderson is the wife of Kevin Anderson, the South African tennis player and one of the few players who managed to take Federer to the fifth set at Wimbledon this year.

Reached by email after the match, Kelsey told Heavy, “I was thrilled with the result. Kevin showed a tremendous amount of compusure and belief to get through that one. It was special to be a part of.”

Kelsey describes herself as Kevin’s “support team chairperson” and self-deprecatingly says that she “pretends” to “know anything” about tennis.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Kevin and Kelsey Met in College at the University of Illinois

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Kevin spent three years in college at the University of Illinois. There, he became a three-time All-American in singles and a two-time All-American in doubles.
But that’s also where Kevin met Kelsey, an American who was also studying at the university. The two dated in college and then got married in 2011, in a private ceremony on November 10. They honeymooned in Miami and Saint Lucia.

2. Kelsey Gave Up a Career in Accounting to Support Kevin’s Dreams

Kelsey gave up a promising career in accounting. She had just been offered a promotion at the Chicago-based company she worked for, when Kevin’s career really started taking off. The couple talked it over and decided that it would be best for them if she gave up her job so that she could be free to support Kevin in his dreams of becoming a tennis champion.

Kelsey has admitted that it was a tough choice, and she says it can be really tough being described as just another “wife and girlfriend” watching from the stands. She said it can be a bit “demeaning.” She also admitted that she gets very, very nervous watching her husband play. “Truly, on the inside I’m dying,” Kelsey said once.

3. Kelsey Describes Herself as a Member of “Team Kevin”

Kelsey told CNN that, with her background in finance, it’s natural for her to take charge of the financial side of Kevin’s tennis aspirations. That means that handling the costs of flights, hotels, food, and other recurring expenses falls to her.

Kelsey blogs about her experiences as a member of “Team Kevin” — she also writes about other “WAGs” or wives and girlfriends of athletes.

Kelsey says that she’ll probably have another job in accounting some day — “I don’t think accounting is going anywhere,” she said. But for her, the chance to travel around the world supporting her husband is a once in a lifetime opportunity which she didn’t want to miss.

She says her goal is to make sure that Kevin doesn’t have to worry about anything besides playing his best. So she handles all of the practical details in his life, from making sure he has good food to eat, to making sure he gets plenty of rest.

And, in an adorable video that the couple released in 2015, Kevin says he is thrilled with her support. The tennis player said he can’t leave home without her.

4. Kelsey and Kevin Don’t Have Kids. But They Travel With Their Dogs.

Kelsey and Kevin travel a lot together. On a recent trip to Paris, the two brought along their dogs.
Kevin’s twitter page describes himself as the “dog dad” to Lady Kady. But Kelsey has been pictured with more than one dog, prompting her followers to ask her whether she has a “new baby”.

5. Kelsey and Kevin Co-Founded Real Life Tennis, An Online Tennis Course

Real Life Tennis offers “in-depth online instruction” for anyone wishing to improve their tennis game. The company was co-founded by Kelsey and Kevin.

Kelsey has described herself as not knowing much about tennis. But she played golf while an undergraduate at the University of Illinois.

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