Top 3 Reasons Why Nelson Agholor’s ‘Burner Account’ is Fake News

Nelson Agholor

Getty Eagles WR Nelson Agholor may have worn out his welcome in Philadelphia with all the dropped passes.

The conspiracy theories were buzzing Thursday with theories of a “burner account” for Nelson Agholor.

For those unfamiliar, a burner account is a Twitter handle run on behalf of a famous celebrity or professional athlete that seeks to paint them in a more positive light. The most prominent case was investigated last year when Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo came under fire for having one. Turned out, his wife was running it and Colangelo was subsequently fired.

Back to Agholor. The mysterious circumstances around the Twitter handle @efam33 were first pointed out by someone named Jessica Towne. She concluded that the account belonged to Agholor because it was frequently criticizing Carson Wentz while defending Agholor and re-tweeting his highlight-reel plays.

Her biggest reason for thinking it was Agholor was because at one point @efam33 says: “Maybe it’s because wentz doesn’t throw a better ball than foles, making it harder for us to catch.” The use of the word “us” over “receivers” in the post is certainly curious and fueled rumors.

Here’s why the mysterious case of alleged Agholor “burner” controversy is a farce. reached out to @efam33 for comment, but messages were not returned.

Timing of Alleged Burner Account is Suspect

There is a case to be made this could be Agholor’s burner account. But the mere idea that it is actually him seems preposterous. For starters, the account appears to be started just four days ago on Nov. 17. That’s around the same time Agholor disappeared from Instagram, but the receiver never deleted his real Twitter account. It also coincides with the fresh criticism he’s been getting from Eagles fans after dropping (or not tracking properly) that tough 4th-and-10 catch against New England. Why would he draw attention to himself when there was already attention surrounding him? Easy answer: Agholor wouldn’t do that.

It Certainly Smells Like a Full-On Publicity Stunt

Another reason cited for the account possibly belonging to Agholor is that the handle @efam33 could be a nod to Agholor’s middle name: Efamehule. Again, it’s another intriguing parallel. However, it would be easy for any person looking for a quick 15 minutes of fame to look up and use to draw controversy. It actually would be more believable if they used the name of another Eagles receiver to throw people off the scent. This was done intentionally to get eyes on the account. The handle @efam33 had eight followers when it was first brought to everyone’s attention. Then, it started trending on Twitter and now the account has 1,338 followers. It’s too obvious.

The Account Publicly Replied to Popular Eagles Blog

This is perhaps the most compelling reason it’s a bogus account. The handle @efam33 publicly responded to criticism of Agholor from the popular sports blog Eagles Nation, right out in the open for everyone to see. The blog was taking a poll on whether the amount of hate Agholor was getting had gone too far. (The results were 53% to 47% in favor of no). First, the alleged burner account replied with the laughing-face emoji and then added the reply: “Philly fans don’t appreciate him till he’s gone. And he’s gone soon.” Again, there is smoke but no fire. This isn’t Agholor.

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