A photo shared online by various terrorist watchdog groups shows an alleged Islamic State militant captured in Northern Aleppo, Syria, wearing merchandise of “Deez Nuts”, an Australian hardcore punk rock band.

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60 Minutes Australia anchor Tara Brown has been arrested in connection with a botched child recovery operation. She’s the wife of a TV producer and mother of two young sons.

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Redditor big_mac_heart_attack spotted a rare weather phenomenon over Victoria, Australia. Fallstreak holes, or hole punch clouds, are often reported as UFOs.

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Iggy Azalea takes to twitter to combat claims that she has been using dope.

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Australian surfer Mick Fanning survived a shark attack on live TV on Sunday by punching the shark in the back during a competition in South Africa. See the video here.

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The Australian Women’s Soccer Team, more officially known as the Westfield Matildas, are Team USA’s first challenge in the 2015 World Cup. Click through to check out some pictures of the tournament’s youngest team.

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Dame Ngaio Marsh is celebrated on her 122nd birthday with a Google Doodle. Marsh was a New Zealand-born writer known as one of the ‘Queens of Crime.’

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The baby faced jihadi has been named as Jake, a gifted math student from the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, who converted to Islam and traveled to join ISIS.

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The Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney was taken hostage by an Islamist terrorist named Haron Monis. Watch terrified people flee the scene past the military.

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Two friends visiting Japan played a confusing Japanese arcade and hit the jackpot of 5,000. They nearly run out of buckets for arcade tokens.

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After telling his parents he was going on a fishing trip and never returning, Abdullah Elmir, 17, now calling himself Abu Khaled, has surfaced in an ISIS video.

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The Australian rugby star quit the sport to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL. He is searching for a team that will sign him.

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A girlfriend from Hong Kong visiting her boyfriend’s native Australia comes across an infamously large Australian spider for the first time. Watch what happens.

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A man in residential Australia found two kangaroos boxing outside his home. He filmed the entire fight, and set it to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ballet music.

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An ISIS cell’s plan to behead a member of the public in Sydney and Brisbane was thwarted by anti-terror police. Here’s the info on the Islamic State in Oz.

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A 10-year-old goldfish named George underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor at an Australia veterinary clinic.

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