Tyler Clinton, the nephew of Hillary and Bill Clinton and son of Roger Clinton, is a model gaining attention for his looks. See photos and learn more about him.

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A Clinton Uranium deal in Russia? That’s what Donald Trump is saying of Hillary and Bill Clinton. But is it true?

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Did Jeff Sessions commit perjury? Some say Sessions lied to Congress under oath about communications with the Russians, a possible crime. He denies wrongdoing.

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Archival footage from C-SPAN shows then Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, now Attorney General of the United States under President Trump, speaking of the importance of prosecuting Bill Clinton over alleged perjury.

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After a bitter 1992 Presidential campaign, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton became unlikely friends after their presidencies ended.

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Clinton tenderly comforted Hillary at the Inauguration of Donald Trump. Both Clintons attended the inaugural address.

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How did the crowds at Trump’s inauguration compare to Obama, Bush, and Clinton’s? See photos showing how many attended here.

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Several presidents have had poems read to help celebrate their inauguration day. Click here to read more about them.

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President-Elect Donald Trump attacked former President Bill Clinton on Twitter this morning, mocking him and the Hillary Clinton team for losing the election.

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Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump in the popular vote by more than 1.4 million votes. Here’s how her lead is historic.

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While Hillary Clinton will be the first female President, Bill Clinton will be the First Spouse. What will his official title be if she is elected?

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There have been conflicting reports about whether there is an FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation and whether the Justice Department has stymied the probe.

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Leslie Millwee is a former TV reporter who says that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in 1980. Here’s what you need to know about her and her story.

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Donald Trump will reportedly be going after Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire and investor in The New York Times. Here’s what you need to know about him.

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Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by several women. Here are their allegations.

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Rachel Crooks, one of the two Donald Trump accusers in The New York Times, is a Hillary Clinton supporter and donor who works for a university in Ohio.

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