Bill Clinton Naked Massage Photo Circulating After Epstein’s Death Is Fake

Bill Clinton


A photo of a naked man that looks like former President Bill Clinton has been circulating on social media following the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

While the photo does look real and appears to show Clinton nude on a massage table, it’s actually a shot taken by a professional photographer back in 2016.

The photo hasn’t gone viral just yet but it is getting a few retweets and some attention by social media users who seem to think that Clinton is actually the man pictured.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Social Media Users Have Been Retweeting the Photo, Thinking it’s of Clinton at a Massage Parlor Following Jeffrey Epstein’s Apparent Suicide

Bill Clinton

The photo is believable, perhaps, because it’s not great quality. It appears as though the photo was taken in the dark and it’s a bit grainy, which makes it seem legit. The picture shows a naked man — who looks exactly like Clinton — sitting naked on the edge of a massage table with a television remote control in his hand. He appears to be changing the station on the television while a blonde woman kneels on the massage table behind him, rubbing his back.

What you may not see in the conveniently cropped social media pics is the Clinton lookalike is actually watching former first lady Hillary Clinton on the television. This can be seen in the full photo here.

A few Twitter users have tweeted out the picture, claiming that Clinton was seen enjoying a massage in the hours following Epstein’s death. However, Snopes previously debunked the validity of the photo, reporting that it was actually staged.

“Bill Clinton gets a relaxing nude massage after the successful Epstein ‘suicide’ op,” tweeted one social media user.

“Wow. Why isn’t this on front-page news?” another Twitter user wrote in response to another tweet of the photo.

The photo has popped up on social media here and there over the years and some people are fooled by it every time someone tweets it out.

The Naked ‘Bill Clinton’ Picture First Circulated in 2016 After Photographer Alison Jackson Snapped a Shot of a Clinton Lookalike

Bill Clinton

The photo was taken by a woman named Alison Jackson. According to Snopes, the photo was “‘leaked’ by Anonymous” back in 2016. However, the photo was completely and intentionally staged by Jackson.

Jackson is known for taking pictures of celebrity lookalikes in “private moments.”

“Jackson is renown for her explorations into how photography and the cult of the celebrity have transformed our relationship to what is ‘real’. Her notorious photographic portraits, life-like sculptures, films and videos are startlingly realistically staged affairs that cast uncannily styled actors into an entirely fathomable projection of a future that could have been; or the intimate, often salacious, imagined private moments of media icons such as Diana Princess of Wales, the Queen of England, Marilyn Monroe, George Bush, Brad and Angelina, and David Beckham. Jackson’s productions stress-test the implicit belief that a photograph can capture a frozen moment of ‘truth,'” reads her website.

A quick look at Jackson’s portfolio will show several other realistic-looking photos, including one of a Donald Trump/Stormy Daniels scene and another showing Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton lookalikes fighting — hair pulling and all.

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