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Leanna Harris’ involvement in her son’s death has been called into question as police in Georgia have investigated the death of Cooper Harris, a 22-month-old boy in Georgia who died in his father’s car.

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Justin Ross Harris, a 33-year-old living in a suburb of Atlanta, has been charged with murder and cruelty to children after his 22-month-old son, Cooper, died when Harris left him in the backseat of his car and went to work on Wednesday. It was 90 degrees in Atlanta Wednesday.

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Bryant Collins, an ex-con who spent 10 years in federal prison for drug charges, became a hero when he spotted and saved the life of a baby alongside a Georgia highway.

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Kevin Morgan, the Georgia truck driver in the fatal accident that critically injured Tracy Morgan, has defended himself on Twitter, saying reports surrounding the circumstances of the accident are untrue.

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Dennis Ronald Marx, Forsyth County courthouse suspect

Dennis Marx, a “sovereign citizen,” is the deceased suspect in a shooting and attempted occupation of the Forsyth County Courthouse in Georgia.

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Officer Terry Belvin of the Barnesville, Georgia, police department reportedly hit and killed pedestrians Justin Sullivan & Quentin Byrd.

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Police are looking for Cutrez Johnson and Oslushla Smith, who are suspects in a slaying that cops say led to the revenge killing of a baby.

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Russell Dermond, 88, was found headless in the garage of his $1 million home in Georgia on May 6. His wife, Shirley, 87, is now missing.

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The victim was reportedly shot in a class room.

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