Senator John McCain blamed his confusing James Comey hearing questions on staying up late to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Padres.

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John McCain appeared confused at the James Comey hearing today. Find out how old he is and how long he will be in office.

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Senator John McMain appeared confused and disoriented during the James Comey hearing, calling Comey ‘President’ and referring to Trump as ‘Mr. Comey.’

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Following The New York Times’ report that Donald Trump tried to pressure James Comey into dropping the FBI’s investigation of Michael Flynn.

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FBI Director James Comey, under fire for his letter regarding newly discovered emails, is a past Republican campaign donor to Mitt Romney and John McCain.

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Meghan McCain is a bestselling author, radio host, and daughter of Republican Senator John McCain. Here’s more about her life and career.

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Kelli Ward is beginning to catch up on Senator John McCain in the Arizona Republican primary.

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Ann Kirkpatrick may unseat Senate John McCain in the 2016 election, new polls now show.

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After Donald Trump seemed to suggest that Obama might have something to do with the Orlando terror attack, John McCain held Obama “directly responsible.”

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Emily Pitha, 34, a fundraiser for Arizona Senator John McCain and other Republicans, was arrested with her boyfriend in a Phoenix meth lab bust, police say.

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A video purportedly released by the pro-Russia hacktivist group CyberBerkut shows a staged ISIS beheading being recorded in a film studio with actors and a director.

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Senator John McCain is no lover of freedom of expression.

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77-year-old John McCain not only did the robot, but went full cyborg at a party in the Hamptons. The senator got onstage at a benefit emceed by Jamie Foxx.

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Celebrities capture their holiday spirit in creative Christmas cards this year.

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In an interview published Tuesday by The Daily Beast, US Sen. John McCain criticized the Obama administration on its approach to the al-Qaeda threat.

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The ‘Gang of 8’ Immigration Reform Bill now costs $46 billion and adds more men, drones, cameras, and 700 miles of fence to the U.S.-Mexico Border.

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