Emmanuel Rangel has been charged with the murder of America’s Next Top Model contestant Mirjana Puhar as well as the slayings of Jonathan Cosme Alvarado and Jusmar Gonzaga-Garcia.

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Recent America’s Next Top Model contestant Mirjana Puhar was reportedly murdered in a triple homicide by alleged murderer Emmanuel Jesus Rangel.

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Pierce Boykin has been arrested in Philadelphia. He’s being charged in relation to the death of Nicki Minaj’s tour manager De’von Pickett.

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A parking lot fight turns into a hit-and-run, attempted murder when a driver backs up and over a man. The man grabs onto the car and goes for a ride.

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Three Florida teenagers are charged with the attempted murder of a fellow teen with a crowbar after accusing him of stealing their weed.

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Erich Milton Nowsch Jr., 19, has been charged with the murder of Tammy Meyers, who was shot in the head in a road age incident on February 12.

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The shooting of a mother-of-four in Las Vegas has resulted in the arrest of a boy she mentored for years. That boy, later became a weed smoking gang member.

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De’Von Pickett is Nicki Minaj’s road and tour manager who was stabbed and killed in Philadelphia on February 17.

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Richard Schwartz has been arrested in connection with the death of West Virginia University fraternity pledge Nolan Burch.

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An avowed atheist has been arrested in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on charges of shooting three Muslim students in the head.

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NYPD Officer Peter Liang has been indicted in the November 2014 shooting of unarmed black man Akai Gurley in the Pink Houses in Brooklyn.

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Jesse Matthew, the man suspected of abducting University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, has been charged with first degree murder.

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Dora Delgado and Christopher Lee Duncan are the prime suspects in multiple murders close to Tampa. They are on the run and considered armed and dangerous.

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The widow of the Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage by ISIS has spoken for the first time of her heartbreak – and how she learned of his death on Facebook.

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A Lebanese doctor who performed cutting-edge colon cancer research was shot dead on February 5 at the University of South Carolina.

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The notorious hip-hop mogul rushed to hospital on Tuesday after suffering panic attack following court appearance on murder charge.

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