Jeaninne LePage is the animal-right enthusiast who allegedly shot and killed two of her children while wounding another in Tabernacle, New Jersey.

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Landon Sarti has been arrested and charged with the murder of Brandon Crawford, 15, in Clifton, Colorado. On his Facebook, Sarti says that he’s a Juggalo.

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Miss Honduraas Maria Jose Alvardo was found dead along with her sister in a remote village. Her sister’s boyfriend, Plutarco Antonio Ruiz, has been arrested along with several others for the crime.

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Kalman Levine is one of the U.S.-born rabbis who were killed in a Palestinian terror attack at a synagogue in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Nof.

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Angela Stoldt is accused of killing James Sheaffer in Florida and then cooking his dead body in her attempt to get rid of the evidence.

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Afton Elaine Burton, 26, aka “Star,” was issued a marriage license to marry 80-year-old Charles Manson, the famous cult leader and mass murderer.

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Harold Henthorn is the man accused of pushing his wife, Toni, off a cliff in the Rocky Mountains for life insurance money.

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Chase Merritt is charged with murdering the McStay family in California in November 2010 in one of the most enduring and baffling cases in California history.

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Charles Ray Merritt has been named as the suspect in the murders of the McStay family in Southern California area in 2010.

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Nicholas Hulme has been arrested and charged with the murder of his mother in Torrington, Connecticut.

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Sean Petrozzino is the quadruple amputee who is wanted in connection with the murder of his two parents in Florida. He has prosthetic legs and no arms.

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AC/DC’s drummer, Phil Rudd, has been charged with attempting to pay a hit man to murder two men in September.

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Jillian McCabe is accused of throwing her autistic son, London, 6, off of the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Oregon. The boy was found dead in the water a few hours later.

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Rurik Jutting is being dubbed a real-life American Psycho after being accused of killing two prostitutes, decapitating one, just days after quitting his high-powered job at Merrill Lynch.

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After stabbing and murdering his teacher in front of her class in April 2014, Will Cornick sat back down at his desk and told fellow student, “Good times.”

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See a beaten and battered Eric Frein in new photos of the alleged cop killer and survivalist fugitive, who was arrested October 30 after seven weeks on the run.

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