The Blue Angels are at it again, and this squadron of flight demonstrator are demonstrating the near-impossible. Check out the craziest air tricks ever!

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wilbur harwell, navy stabbing suspect

Wilbur Harwell, a Navy petty officer, is the suspect in a stabbing near the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth in Virginia.

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Wilbur Harwell, Naval Medical Center Portsmouth lockdown, stabbing

Wilbur Harwell, a petty officer stationed in Virginia, was arrested after police say he stabbed a fellow sailor near the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth.

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Point Loma naval base is on shelter in place after reports of shots being fired on base or people seeing a man with a gun. A shelter in place has been issued.

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The Navy’s new electromagnetic rail gun is seriously cool. See it in action here.

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Mark Mayo has been identified as the heroic military policeman who was killed at a shooting aboard the USS Mahan at Norfolk Naval Station. See his best photos.

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Last night a policeman at Norfolk Naval Station was shot and killed by a civilian gunman. The identity of the victim has been revealed as Mark Mayo.

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The P-8 Poseidon is a top secret Navy plane helping to search for debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.

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North Korea immediately denied any knowledge of wrongdoing.

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Before he ran Comcast, Neil Smit was a Navy SEAL. This guy’s full of surprises.

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