What are the snowfall totals for the Carolinas? How much snow has fallen in North and South Carolina from Winter Storm Helena? Find out here.

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A video posted on Twitter shows a girl being slammed to the ground by a police officer at Rolesville High School in North Carolina. Watch the video here.

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There’s no change at the top of this week’s power rankings, but there were some shifts after No. 1 Villanova.

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No. 6 Kentucky outlasted No. 7 North Carolina thanks to a 47-point effort from Malik Monk.

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Protests against the North Carolina GOP have erupted after the Republican legislature moved to limit the power of Democratic Governor Roy Cooper, after he defeated Pat McCrory.

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An accused bank robber is on the run after escaping from police custody in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Authorities have called him “extremely dangerous.”

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Roy Cooper will become the new North Carolina Governor after Republican Pat McCrory finally conceded. Here’s a look at the former Attorney General’s career.

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The North Carolina governor race has bogged down in voter fraud allegations as Republican Pat McCrory refuses to concede the election to Democrat Roy Cooper.

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Did voter ID and voter suppression controversies help Donald Trump in key states like Wisconsin, Ohio and North Carolina?

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A photo went viral on social media claiming to show the KKK celebrating in North Carolina after Donald Trump won the presidency. But it has been debunked.

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Early voting numbers from North Carolina and Florida show that more women are heading to the polls early, a good sign for Hillary Clinton.

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The latest polls from North Carolina show that Donald Trump is beginning to take the lead in this crucial battleground state.

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Vote flipping allegations have been raised in Georgia and North Carolina, where people say machines turned Hillary Clinton votes into Donald Trump votes.

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In North Carolina, millions of voters have already cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Here are the results so far.

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The Orange County North Carolina Republican Party’s headquarters was firebombed, and graffiti calling the Republicans Nazis was left nearby. One GOP official calls it “political terrorism.”

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An Orange County, North Carolina GOP headquarters office was attacked with a fire bomb early Sunday morning. The arsonists spray painted “Nazi Republicans” on an adjacent building. See pictures here.

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