Brandon Brootal: TikTok Star’s Death Reports, Video Cause Concern

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TikTok Brandon Brootal

Brandon Brootal is a TikTok star whose fans are concerned because of Instagram and other social media posts saying he has died, as well as a disturbing goodbye video that appears to show him talking about death. However, a woman who knows him wrote on Facebook that he isn’t dead, and another said the same in a TikTok video, which you can see below.

Furthermore, online records and an old Facebook page indicate he lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Heavy contacted the medical examiner for that county, and they had no deaths reported for a Brandon McKesson, which is Brandon Brootal’s real name.

A page has emerged on TikTok called @brandonbrootalforever that insists Brootal is still alive. The page says, “Brandon is alive and in need of prayers. He is getting treatment. This was confirmed by his mother. :) The video is under here of the explanation.” A woman discusses Brootal in a video that is captioned,

This is Brandon’s friend he knows personally. She was misinformed on his apparent passing. His mother confirmed this, and he is getting treatment. I am so glad to hear this. 🖤 this is something for his fans to have a peace of mind. Do not send hate to her please. She was just misinformed. Thank you so much. :)

Here is that video:


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A post shared by @brandonbrootalforever

In the video, the woman @xxkatkatastrophexx says that she was “convinced that Brandon had passed, but I’m not so sure anymore.” She said she got the information from an account they used to communicate. “I am utterly confused,” she said. She said Brootal’s mom is named Sandra Phillips, and confirmed he was alive.

A woman named Sandra Phillips did write on Facebook, “A photo of Brandon Brootal, Tik tocker several years back. He has not died as articles are reporting. He is however in need of prayers.” Phillips wrote that she had last talked to Brootal several months ago, and said that he was living with his father. Heavy has reached out to Phillips for additional details.

Although Heavy could not immediately confirm that Phillips is his mother, she is tied to him on public records. It all adds up to one thing: Don’t assume the reports are true that Brootal is dead because there is evidence to the contrary.

Here’s what you need to know:

In His Latest TikTok Video, Brootal Expressed Loneliness; an Instagram Page That’s Now Deleted Made People Think He had Died

@brandonbrootal7♬ original sound – user3764092505050

An Instagram page in the name Brandon McKesson is behind some of the death rumors. It has been deleted. Heavy has reached out to four family members of McKesson for more information. For now, though, the bottom line is that there is simply no verified confirmation that Brootal is dead. There are sites reporting that McKesson is dead or died of suicide, but they offer no verification for this claim beyond the deleted Instagram post. The terms “did Brandon Brootal die” and “How did Brandon Brootal die?” are trending on Google because fans are worried about him.

Dextero reported that the site reviewed an Instagram post supposedly from Brootal’s family before the page was deleted. “To honor the request of Brandon’s fans, his family will continue to post unreleased photos here for you to remember him by,” the January 30, 2022, post read, according to Dextero. “Long Live Brandon Brootal, Rest In Peace, Brandon.”


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A post shared by @brandonbrootalforever

The Instagram account has since been made unavailable, though, so the post could not be independently verified. Furthermore, the new TikTok page contains a video captioned, “Please watch until the end. The brandonmckesson account on Instagram was never Brandon. Or being ran by his family. It is disheartening and disgusting how they continue to defame his name after his passing. Do not support this monster. #brandonbrootal.”


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Brootal’s last video on TikTok was posted in November 2021, and it has more than 1.2 million views. He has 1.4 million followers on TikTok. “Early 2000’s Emo/Scene Content🖤,” is how he describes himself on the page, brandonbrootal7.

Brootal hasn’t posted on TikTok since November 28, 2021, compounding fans’ concern.

“Some stuff went around that made me look bad. Made it hard to get an emo girlfriend,” he says in that video.

“I just feel really lonely like I really want an emo girlfriend to grow old and happy with. But I am going to keep my head up. I am going to find that one girl for me…”

People gave him support in the comment thread. “Hope you are doing well, you havent posted in a while,” wrote one. “Hope you get one stay positive,” another wrote. Another person wrote, “RIP” on February 2, 2022.

A Disturbing Video Has Surfaced on YouTube

According to the Sun, concerning videos were posted to an Instagram page that was Brootal’s backup page.

The Sun reported that the disturbing video appears to show Brootal saying “I’m about to die.” The caption of the video read, “Another recovered video from Brandon’s camera roll,” according to The Sun. “Please if anyone you know is struggling with mental health please reach out and save them.”

The man in the video says the following,

I am making this video to say, thank you for everyone supporting me. And I just did something that um, I am probably not going to be here anymore for. I just um, I did something so I don’t think I’m going to be living anymore. So I’m so sorry about that. I mean, I don’t care that my teeth are dirty, I’m about to die. I’m so sorry everyone. I’m not going to be alive anymore I think today, so um. But thank you everyone. I love all of you..I just want to say everyone thank you for supporting me.

He was not able to sleep. “So now I’ve done something so I don’t think I’m going to be here anymore. Sorry. Goodbye,” he says.

The video is very disturbing so Heavy is not going to post it in this story. If you want to see it, you can find it on YouTube here.

People offered tributes on the YouTube thread. Some of them:

“he didn’t deserve all of the hate he got. he was just doing what he wanted and enjoyed. didn’t care about what anyone said, just being himself. R.I.P Brandon. well miss you.”

“Rip Brandon he seemed like such a good genuine and fun person I hope he’s in peace.”

“Rest In Peace Brandon 🖤💚 may the next life treat you with everything you couldn’t have here<3 you will be missed.”

However, as noted, there is no verification at this point that Brandon Brootal has died. Heavy will update this story as more information is learned about Brootal.

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