Celebrities and fans weigh in on Bloom vs Bieber, declaring on Twitter if they are #TeamOrlando or #TeamJustin.

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After being featured on Stephen Colbert’s show, a little app called “Yo.” is making some big waves.

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Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman on “The Late Show.” Check out the full story.

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David Letterman is leaving and Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Chelsea Handler are the favorites for replacing him at the “Late Show.”

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Celebrate Steve Carell’s birthday with 10 hilarious videos from Anchorman, The Oscars, Talk Shows, The Office, and more!

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Stephen Colbert was reportedly ditched by Daft Punk during a special episode of The Colbert Report, which lead him to reveal a dirty secret about the band…

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Find inspiration from these speakers, even if you’re not a member of the class of 2013.

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The National Republican Congressional Committee releases its first attack ad on Vine.

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Will he ditch his faux conservative look for Hobbit feet?

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Hard Lessons and Rough Roads:The warm-up to Fourth of July weekend looks to be a bit colder than usual with the lackluster offerings of Bad Teacher and Cars 2… though a former Tonight Show host might save the day.

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