How did Gavin MacFadyen die? The highly respected journalist has passed away.

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WikiLeaks tweeted and pinned a photo of a man with no explanation today. The picture is of Gavin MacFadyen, but why is his photo being featured?

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Ecuador now admits to cutting Julian Assange’s internet connection after a series of WikiLeaks revelations damaging to Hillary Clinton.

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WikiLeaks claims Julian Assange’s internet connection was intentionally severed by a state party. The post comes after days of releases damaging to Hillary Clinton.

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These are the most revealing and intriguing of the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks, along with a look at some that have been misinterpreted.

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In a CNN segment about the current political fallout surrounding Hillary Clinton and the ongoing leaks of the Podesta emails, anchor Chris Cuomo claims that it’s illegal for anyone but the media to read WikiLeaks.

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WikiLeaks has been releasing thousands of emails from Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager. Read all the emails that talked about Bernie Sanders here.

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Read Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speech transcripts, which were part of the latest WikiLeaks’ John Podesta hacked emails dump.

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In one of the recently hacked and released WikiLeaks John Podesta emails, a script is shown in an email chain prior to Hillary Clinton calling into MSNBC, proving Clinton reads from scripts during interviews and also suggesting mainstream media collusion.

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The US officially linked Wikileaks with Russia. Hillary Clinton has also questioned the accuracy of its publications. So just how reliable is the site?

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WikiLeaks released an 80-page document of troubling excerpts from many of Clinton’s paid speeches. Here are the top excerpts, and how to read the entire document.

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WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange spoke to Dutch television about murdered Democratic National Committee analyst Seth Rich. Here is what he said about Rich, sources, leaks, and the DNC.

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Conspiracy theories have grown around the sudden August death of Shawn Lucas, who helped serve the Democratic National Committee with a fraud lawsuit.

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Seth Rich was a DNC data analyst who was murdered in Washington D.C. Conspiracy theories are raging. What really happened to him?

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Marcia Fudge will run the Democratic National Convention after the ouster of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She’s a Hillary Clinton backer who questioned whether Bernie Sanders was a “real Democrat.”

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WikiLeaks has released 20,000 documents it says include emails showing the DNC may have been plotting against Bernie Sanders. Read.

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