Julian Assange Interview with Sean Hannity Live Stream: Watch Full Video



Julian Assange’s interview with Sean Hannity is happening tonight on Fox News. All eyes will be on this interview, as it’s the first concrete proof-of-life for Assange since his Internet was cut by Ecuador before the election. There have also been a lot of rumors that Assange might be dropping shocking information during the interview. Fox News, Hannity, and Assange have not confirmed this, but the Internet is still abuzz with the rumors. You’ll definitely want to watch this event live if you can. (Update: We’ve added the full interview below.) 

Here are some details about how to watch the interview on live stream.

First, you may be able to watch a livestream of Fox News at this link (use the link if the embed stops working.)

The interview will start at 10 p.m. Eastern. However, if this livestream becomes unavailable, we’re sharing other possible ways to watch it below. You can also try the video here.

Full Video of Assange’s Interview

At the time of publication, the following full video of Assange’s interview is available.

How to Watch Assange’s Interview on Hannity via Livestream If You Have a Cable Subscription

If the above video doesn’t work, you can always watch Fox News live on your computer, phone, or tablet at this link. You will need a cable or satellite subscription that receives Fox News in order to utilize this option, because you’ll have to choose your provider and enter your log-in information in order to view the live stream.

How to Watch Assange’s Interview Via Live Stream If You Don’t Have a Cable Subscription

If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can watch Hannity on Fox News via PlayStation’s Vue service. You’ll need a PlayStation Vue package in order to access the livestream. You can watch it on your TV via PlayStation 4, Google Chromecast, PS3, Amazon Fire TV, And Fire TV stick. It appears that all four tiers of their package include livestream access to Fox News, ranging from $39.99/month to $64.99/month. However, you can sign up for a free trial if you want to test it out. Simply visit this link and click on “Start Free Trial” on the upper right hand corner. You’ll need a PlayStation Network account in order to get a free trial. You’ll also need to sign up for a package of your choice, and you’ll automatically get a 7-day free trial. If you cancel before the end of the seven days, you won’t be charged.

Soon, Hulu will also begin offering livestreams of Fox News, but it appears this service isn’t available quite yet.