Working out at home is the way to go for many of us. So click here to check out some of the best elliptical machines available right now for home use.

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President Obama suffered a security breach at a Marriott hotel gym in Poland after video of him working out emerged and his personnel have no idea who did it.

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Most of us dread the gym. The schlep to get there, the sweat to get out. But some gyms are adding some humor into the mix to make athleticism a little more digestible.

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See if you can see it first time around.

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This machine gives you the same cardiovascular workout as having sex while reminding you that you are out of shape and completely alone. Perfect!

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Hope you like a lot of crotch shots and uncomfortable thrusting and stretching with your daily workout.

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Grab your sweat band, find a spotter and don’t forget to stretch. We’ve got the 10 best workout fails ready to pump you up!

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If you’re like me, you first arrived at expecting fashion tips on how to make a chubby teenaged girl’s body attractive when attached to the head of a man in his mid-twenties. You may have started to lactate. You are also very possibly reassessing the lifestyle choices you’ve made…

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