Ultimate Treadmill Fail Compilation

The fitness industry wants you to believe that treadmills are intended to help you get a good cardio workout. LIES! These administrators of pain were invented solely to put you flat on your arse. Play it safe, stay on the couch.

The Gentlemen’s Rant: The Gym

Take a tip from the gentlemen and save yourself the torment of those $40 a month membership fees and naked old guys in the locker room. You know you hate the gym anyways.

Dog Gym

It’s a tough economy and not everyone can afford hefty gym fees. But if you got a dog, you got a gym. That’s right, for man’s best workout, it’s all about man’s best friend.

Yoga For Black People

Yoga is for everyone (not just middle-class soccer moms), even black people. Yep, that’s right, a special class for those of African American descent.

The Ben Crane Workout

The Masters is still a few months away but that doesn’t mean the pros aren’t prepping themselves to take the green jacket glory. While each golfer has their own training method, Ben Crane has developed his own unique training regime.