Pedro’s Mother Lidia on The Family Chantel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Pedro's Mother Lidia, The Family Chantel, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Pedro's mother Lidia has been a point of contention between Pedro and Chantel since the reality couple first got together. Here's what we know about Lidia.

Pedro’s mother Lidia stars on the hit TLC series The Family Chantel, and has been a source of contention between Pedro and Chantel since the two first started dating several years ago.

Tonight’s episode of the show promises another big, blowout fight between Chantel’s family and Pedro’s mother and sister, who have been in an ongoing feud for the last few years. In the clip below, Lidia threatens either Chantel or her mother Karen (it’s unclear who exactly she is speaking to), saying “You attacked my daughter, and I can attack you too.”

So who is Pedro’s mother, and what is her part in the ongoing feud between the two families? Here’s what we know about Lidia:

1. The Two Families Have Been Feuding Since Chantel & Pedro First Started Dating Several Years Ago

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The 90 Day Fiancé stars’ families have been at odds with each other for years, since Chantel first married into Pedro’s family. The feud between Pedro and Chantel’s family was sparked a few years ago during season 4 when the couple was first introduced on the show.

Chantel decided to lie to her family about how she met Pedro, telling them Pedro was moving to the U.S. on a student visa while leaving out the fact that she and Pedro had 90 days to tie the knot. After she finally came clean, her family didn’t trust Pedro and worried he was using her for his visa.

Pedro’s family didn’t approve of the way Chantel’s family was treating Pedro and in turn took it out on Chantel. As soon as Pedro got his green card and started working, he began sending gifts and money back home to his mother and sister, which also upset Chantel.

2. Chantel’s Mother Accused Lidia of Running a Website That ‘Finds Stupid Americans to Match With a Person in the Dominican Republic to Harvest the American Dollar’

Pedro Jimeno, 90 Day Fiance

TLC/YouTubePedro Jimeno’s wife Chantel Everett doesn’t get along with his mother Lidia, and Everett’s family has even accused Lidia of grooming her son to marry an American wife.

During a previous episode of 90 Day Fiancé, when tensions were at an all-time high between the two families, Chantel’s mother Karen claimed to have uncovered a website that Lidia used to run, which reportedly “finds stupid Americans to match with a person on the island in order to harvest the American dollar.”

Apparently Karen’s comment sparked interest with viewers, who dug up the deleted website allegedly associated with Lidia. Starcasm also did some research, and although the site was a legitimate business site several years ago, it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with “harvesting American dollars,” and looks like it was more of a legitimate online legal services business.

3. She is Actually a Divorce Attorney & Graduated With a Law Degree From Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago

Servicios Legales DRIntroducción sobre la empresa Servicios Legales DR2014-10-22T16:07:53.000Z

According to Chantel’s family, as reported by Monsters and Critics, Jimeno’s mother was an immigration attorney who helped people obtain visas in order to get permission to travel and move abroad. However, Starcasm reports that Lidia is actually a divorce attorney, who graduated with her law degree from Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago.

The website – – is currently defunct, according to Starcasm. However, the Internet Wayback Machine was able to provide some snapshots of the website prior to its demise, which offered services ranging from canceling mortgages to trademark registration to divorce consultations, according to Starcasm. You can read more about Lidia’s business here.

4. She Was Involved in a Heated Exchange With Chantel After a Bad Visit to the Dominican Republic

It's A Bilingual War Of Words When Chantel Faces Off With Pedro's Family90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? | Sundays at 8/7c Chantel and Pedro's mom and sister get in a fight. Full Episodes Streaming FREE: Subscribe to TLC: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Last season, both Pedro and Chantel’s families came together in the Dominic Republic and the visit ended on a bad note, with both sides feeling insulted, offended and disrespected by the other. Chantel’s family refused to eat a dinner of chicken feet served by Pedro’s family, which kicked off an uncomfortable and tense altercation between Chantel, Lidia and Nicole.

With all three ladies already feeling frustrated and angry, it didn’t take long for an innocent conversation to escalate into a screaming match. The fight (which you can view above) was sparked after Chantel confronted Nicole and Lidia about the money Pedro had been sending back to the Dominican Republic for his family to live on. The ladies went back and forth bickering about money, with Nicole asking Chantel if she wanted her mother-in-law to “live under a bridge.” During a cut-away confessional, Nicole and Lidia told the cameras that Chantel had “gone crazy.”

At one point Nicole told Chantel to “divorce Pedro, period,” but Chantel misheard Nicole, thought she called her a b–ch, and unleashed a slew of choice words and insults on her sister-in-law. (Nicole actually said “en punto,” which means “period,” but Chantel thought she said “puta,” which means “b–ch.) Lidia also jumped in and snapped at Chantel, saying “did I ask you to come here?”

5. Pedro is Very Close to His Mother, Often Defends Her to Chantel & Posts Pictures of Her on Instagram

Pedro is very close to his family, and often defends his mother and sister against Chantel and her family. He has posted pictures of Lidia on Instagram, usually accompanied with captions about how strong, brave and beautiful his mother is.

“As there is no other strong, brave, determined, mother and father you have taught me, you have trained me, you have educated me, you guided me on the path of God, I recognize you are in God’s gift because you form the man I am Today. I love you, you are and you will be the best mother in the world,” he wrote in the caption above, which has been roughly translated from Spanish.

Tune in Mondays at 10/9c on TLC to catch the newest episode of The Family Chantel.

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