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Instagram Chantel's mother Karen has been a catalyst for drama between Chantel, Pedro and both of their families for several years. Here's what we know about Karen.

Chantel Everett, star of the hit reality drama 90 Day Fiance and TLC’s spinoff The Family Chantel, is very close to her parents Karen and Thomas, who appear alongside her on the spinoff. Chantel’s family is often involved in issues between the reality star and her husband Pedro, and both of their families have been embroiled in a bitter family feud since the couple first got together.

Karen has been a catalyst for drama between the two families since Chantel first brought Pedro home to meet them. Karen has often been at the center of the drama, and frequently exacerbated her daughter’s issues with Pedro’s family over the years. Here’s what we know about Chantel’s mother Karen and her relationship with Pedro and his family:

Karen Accused Pedro’s Mother of Grooming Him to Find a U.S. Wife So He Could ‘Harvest the American Dollar’

The feud between Pedro and Chantel’s family started years ago during season 4 when the couple was first introduced on 90 Day Fiance. After Chantel lied about how she met Pedro, her family didn’t trust him and worried he was using her for his visa. Pedro’s family didn’t approve of the way Chantel’s family was treating Pedro and in turn took it out on Chantel.

For years, Chantel’s family has claimed that Pedro’s mother had “groomed” Pedro to come to the U.S. and find an American bride so he could send funds back to the Dominican Republic. Her family has questioned his commitment to Chantel and accused him of using her to “harvest the American dollar” and to get his U.S. visa.

“My theory is that Pedro and Chantel were introduced for Pedro’s mother Lidia to take advantage of an American and the American dollar,” Karen and Thomas said on an earlier episode of 90 Day Fiance. They also suggested that Pedro’s family was having Pedro use Chantel to live out their own dreams, which is why he sends them so much money each month.

Karen  & Thomas Once Suggested That Pedro’s Sister Was Actually His Secret Lover

Chantel’s family once suggested that Pedro’s sister Nicole wasn’t actually related to Pedro at all after he threatened to go stay in a hotel with his sister when she was visiting Pedro in the states. Nicole didn’t want to sleep on the expensive couch Chantel and Pedro had purchased for her visit, so she got a hotel room, which upset Chantel. After she and Pedro got into another fight, he wanted to stay with her at the hotel, which raised some eyebrows with her family.

Chantel’s parents actually ended up hiring a private investigator to check out the money that Pedro was sending back home to his family, and after talking with the PI, Chantel’s father Thomas suggested he might have a “secret family” that Chantel didn’t know about.

“Nicole seems to behave as if Pedro is her boyfriend,” Karen added at the time. “It makes me wonder what kind of relationship that is.” Thomas agreed, questioning whether Nicole was really Pedro’s sister.

Karen Accused Pedro of ‘Borderline Body Trafficking’ & Threatened to Use Her Taser on Him

During an earlier episode of The Family Chantel, after Chantel learned from her friend Obed in the Dominican Republic that Pedro’s mom and sister allegedly planned all along for him to marry an American woman, the reality star spoke to her family about what she learned and said she felt like her marriage was a “scam.”

During the conversation, Karen accused Pedro of human trafficking and asked her husband “When it seems that [there] is an intentional plot to use another person, it’s almost borderline body trafficking, isn’t it?”

Another clip from this season sees Karen threatening to user her taser, which she lovingly calls “Shocky,” on her son-in-law during another huge blowout fight between the two families, according to Soap Dirt.

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