Get to Know ‘Big Brother’ Legend Dr. Will Kirby’s Soon-to-Be Ex-Wife

Dr. Will Kirby and wife

Getty Dr. Will Kirby has been married to his wife Erin Brodie since 2017.

Big Brother” all-star Dr. Will Kirby has been married to Erin Brodie since 2017. TMZ reported that the pair had an intimate Malibu wedding. Kirby and Brodie got engaged in 2011 after dating for six years prior to that.

In July 2021, TMZ reported that Kirby filed for divorce in Los Angeles. In a joint statement to the outlet, the pair said, “while we are exploring what our future will look like, our relationship is stronger than ever, just not in a traditional sense. We remain committed to being the best parents to our two children and supportive of each other as we navigate through this transition.”

Dr. Will and his wife have two children together, a son named Cash and a daughter named Scarlett. Kirby teased a potential run for governor of California in April but has since deleted the Instagram post where he outlined his reasons for running.

While Kirby seems like he was born for the spotlight of reality TV, (he often adds the hashtag #freakishlyhandsome to photos of himself on Instagram), less is known about his wife. Brodie has a private Instagram account and Kirby’s Instagram page is focused more on work than family.

Here are 5 fast facts you need to know about Erin Brodie, the “evil doctor“‘s soon-to-be ex-wife.

1) Dr. Will Delivered Her First Child Himself

Erin Brodie for Love or Money

GettyDr. Will Kirbys wife, Erin Brodie in 2003.

When Brodie gave birth to her first child, Cassius or “Cash”, in 2010, TMZ reported that Kirby delivered the child himself. Kirby is a licensed dermatologist but stepped in as OB/GYN for the birth of his son.

In 2020, Kirby told Us Weekly that his family was the reason he wasn’t competing on the latest all-stars season of “Big Brother.” “I personally didn’t feel like I could leave my family or take an absence from my career obligations right now,” Kirby said. “Disappearing for three months wasn’t something that made sense to me personally.”

The “Big Brother” legend wasn’t too enthusiastic about his fellow all-stars Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha getting another shot at the game after they were both evicted early in the season. “If you have lost ‘Big Brother‘ three times then this just isn’t the right hobby for you,” he told Us Weekly.

Although Kirby was focused on family then, there might still be a chance of him returning to life as a reality TV contestant. In a 2015 interview with Us Weekly, the dermatologist said he hopes to appear on “Survivor” once his daughter goes to college. “I will just seem like the sweet little old, benevolent, nerdy dermatologist, and then I’m just going to unleash the gates of hell,” he joked.

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2) Her Dad Is a Former Football Star

Brodie’s father is none other than John Brodie, a former NFL quarterback. He played for the San Francisco 49ers from 1957-1973 and won the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award and two pro bowl sections.

John Brodie is also notable for having played football for the same place he was born, the California bay area. He was educated at Stanford University and also played golf during his time there. He went on to play golf professionally as well. The Los Angeles Times reported John Brodie saying, “I happen to think golf is the most demanding sport in the world.”

The professional athlete was a member of the Church of Scientology for a time after his experience with the Dianetics technique, which he claimed healed his injured throwing arm. According to USA Today, John Brodie received a controversial stem cell injection treatment after suffering a massive stroke in 2000.

3) She Has Also Appeared on Reality-TV

Erin Brodie for love or money

GettyErin Brodie appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” after her big win on “For Love or Money.”

Dr. Will isn’t the only reality-TV winner in the family. In 2003, Brodie appeared on the NBC reality show “For Love or Money.” The premise of the show was that contestants competed for either a relationship with one bachelor/bachelorette or a money prize. Brodie initially won $1 million but she forfeited it for a chance to double the money.

In the end, she won both love and riches. Contestant Chad Viggiano chose to be with her over the cash prize, winning her $2 million. She gave Viggiano $500,000 of her winnings. Brodie and Viggiano dated for a bit after the show. In December 2003, the New York Post reported that the pair were “househunting in LA.”

According to Brodie’s IMDb page, she has also appeared on the game show “Lingo” and several episodes of “Dr. 90210”, a TV documentary series about high-profile plastic surgeons and aesthetic dermatologists, including Dr. Will Kirby.

While Kirby was a houseguest on “Big Brother 7″, the live feeds captured him addressing Brodie directly and trying to explain his “flirtmance” with fellow houseguest Janelle Pierzina. “If anyone knows Erin Brodie, please tell her it’s just a game,” Kirby said while discussing the situation with Mike “Boogie” Malin.

4) She Works for a Business Software Company

According to Brodie’s LinkedIn page, she has worked for a business software company called Oracle Netsuite since 2017. Her title at the company is Head of Alliances for North America. She was previously the Head of Marketing at Crownpeak from 2014-2016 and the Director of Marketing & Business Development at SS&C Advent from 2012-2014. Brodie was working at SS&C Advent during her time on “For Love or Money.”

The “about” section on Brodie’s LinkedIn page states, “I am often referenced by colleagues as enthusiastic, creative, self-motivated, and fun to work with.” The mom of two and “For Love or Money” winner adds that, “having fun while working is a must!”

It seems that Brodie and Kirby share a knack for bringing a sense of fun to the workplace. Kirby regularly shares videos to Instagram of LaserAway staff dancing in their scrubs.

5) She Studied Cinema TV Production at USC

Erin Brodie Chad Viggiano

GettyErin Brodie with Chad Viggiano who helped her win $2 million when he chose her over riches.

Brodie’s LinkedIn page lists her alma mater as University of Southern California. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1994 after studying communication and cinema TV production. She was a member of the Delta Gamma sorority, played tennis, and did work with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization.

By contrast, Dr. Will Kirby studied Biological sciences at Emory University before going to Nova Southeastern University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. He graduated in 2000.

Brodie has several glowing recommendations on her LinkedIn page. One of her colleagues,wrote that he was grateful for Brodie’s “excellent insights, timely responsiveness, and creative problem solving. One of the best humans I have ever worked with.”

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