Lindsey Vonn & Tiger Woods: Remembering the Good Times

tiger woods, lindsey vonn


Lindsey Vonn broke the record for women’s skiing World Cup wins — and boyfriend Tiger Woods was waiting for her when she finished the run.

Vonn broke the record with her 63rd win. This one came in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

She defeated Australia’s Anna Fenninge by 0.85 seconds. The record was previously held by Annemarie Moser-Proell.

According to Us Weekly, Vonn and Woods met in 2012 and confirmed they were dating in March of 2013.

Here’s what you need to know about the couple:

1. Woods Was There When Vonn Broke the Record

According to the New York Post, Woods surprised Vonn by being there at the end of the run.

“I didn’t think this could get any better than yesterday with my entire family here but now with Tiger here this is unbelievable. I said, ‘I can’t believe you came.’ And he said, ‘I told you.’”

Vonn went on to say that she knew it was Woods by the skeleton face mask he was wearing.

After she finished, the two shared an emotional embrace, which can be seen above.

Woods had his tooth knocked out when he was inadvertently hit by a camera at the event.

2. Woods Had a Very Publicized Divorce After Multiple Affairs

tiger woods, elin nordegren


In 2010, Woods and now-ex-wife Elin Nordegren had a highly publicized divorce that stemmed from Woods having multiple affairs. Together, they have a son, Sam.

On Thanksgiving of 2010, Nordegren chased Woods out of their Florida home with a golf club and used it to break the windows of his car as he tried to drive away. Woods crashed the car and ended up being unconscious for six minutes, according to the New York Post.

The New York Post said Nordegren had found out that morning that Woods was having an affair when she went through his cell phone. Nordegren had previous suspicions of an affair when she read it in a tabloid, but Woods told her there was nothing going on. He even had his mistress, Rachel Uchitel, tell her the same thing in a half hour phone conversation, according to the Post.

Woods eventually checked into rehab for a sex addiction.

3. Vonn Divorced Her Ex in 2013

lindsey vonn, thomas vonn


Lindsey was married to Thomas Vonn, a former coach of hers, for four years. In 2011, they filed for divorce and it was finalized in 2013, just before she and Woods announced they were dating.

The two met in 2002 at the Salt Lake City Olympics, both as competitors for Team USA, and married in 2007, according to Huffington Post.

They never had any children.

4. Vonn, Woods, Nordegren and Her Boyfriend Double Date

lindsey vonn, tiger woods


Us Weekly also did a story on a double date that took place between Vonn, Woods, Nordegren and her boyfriend, Chris Cline.

The article says that Cline, a billionaire, is more successful than Woods. An insider told the magazine that’s a reason for her hanging out with Woods and Vonn.

“They can be a happy foursome now that Elin has a guy even richer than Tiger. They’ve hung out at the Seminole Club [in Florida].”

5. Vonn’s Other Wins

lindsey vonn


Vonn has won a total of 32 downhills, 21 super-Gs, three giant slaloms, two slaloms and five combined races. She is also a two-time Olympic medalist with one gold and one bronze. Both are from the 2010 games in Vancouver.

She says she plans to compete in the 2018 Olympics, which will be in South Korea.

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