Aaron Hernandez Verdict: The Tweets You Need to See

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Aaron Hernandez was guilty of first degree murder of Odin Lloyd on April 15th, 2015. (Getty)

Aaron Hernandez was deemed guilty in the murder of Odin Lloyd on June 17th, 2013 and NFL players took to Twitter to react to the guilty verdict. Hernandez was charged with life in prison likely will be denied an appeal.

Buccaners defensive tackle Gerard McCoy was shocked with the news.

Jonathan Cooper of the Arizona Cardinals could do nothing but be sad at the result, both for Hernandez and for Lloyd.

Bengals’ running back Giovani Bernard is simple and to the point about his feelings.

Former Chargers and Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman knows that Aaron Hernandez made an awful decision.

Former Steelers and Redskins safety, and ESPN analyst, Ryan Clark is simple and to the point with the verdict.

Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall is equally speechless and amazed at the verdict.

Zac Etheridge of the Oakland Raiders questioned how calm Aaron Hernandez was when deemed guilty.

Former NFL running back Maurice Clarett can speak to how it feels to go to prison and sees why Hernandez may have not broken down in tears at the verdict.

Chris Baker of the Washington Redskins points out a sad commentary on players in the NFL and preaches that players should have a better influence.

Wide receiver Mike Wallace of the Minnesota Vikings is speechless as well.

Free agent linebacker Nick Barnett shows the difference between tough talk on the field and acting irrationally off of the field.

Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns is shocked by the life sentence for his former University of Florida teammate.

Former University of Florida and New England Patriots teammate Brandon Spikes is less calm than Haden and feels that justice was not served.

Colts cornerback Vontae Davis gives perspective to all of the results of the day.

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