Anna Kournikova: The Photos You Forgot You Googled

It's fair to say that Anna Kournikova's tennis career never quite lived up to the marketing hype. Despite being one of the most recognizable names and faces of the game in the 2000s, she never actually won a singles event during her relatively brief career, while her world ranking peaked at 8th. But we're not here to beat down on Kournikova's tennis exploits - after all, she did win the Australian Open Doubles (admittedly with Martina Hingis) and remains infinitely better at the baseline than we'll ever be. No, we're here to celebrate Kournikova's other careers: swimsuit model, sports bra endorser, yoga enthusiast and cover-girl. It's her off-court activities, after all, that even now make her one of the most Googled female athletes in the world. How many of these photos do you remember? (Instagram)

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