Lady Andrade: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Lady Andrade doesn’t have a lot of fans in the United States of America.

The 23-year-old Colombian is an impressive talent, but from her blindsided punch of USA hero Abby Wambach in 2012 to her prediction of a win during Monday’s Round of 16 contest, she has done a good job making a lot of Americans very angry.

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about her.

1. She Was Suspended 2 Games For Punching Abby Wambach

During the 2012 Summer Olympics, the United States and Colombia met during group play. Shortly after Megan Rapinoe put the Americans on top in the 33rd minute, Andrade clocked Wambach with a right cross. She didn’t receive as much as a yellow card because the referees missed the play, but she was later hit with a two-match ban.

Wambach was able to get revenge much sooner than the suspension, though, scoring in the 74th minute to propel the United States to a 3-0 win. She ended up with five goals for the gold-medal-winning Americans, while Andrade’s tournament was over prematurely.

Looking back on the controversial play, Andrade admits she hit Wambach but is still playing the role of victim.

“I hit her, what else I can say?” said asked. “If you look back at the video you’ll see she hit me too, but we’re Colombia so they don’t want to review the whole episode.”

2. She Predicted a Win Against the United States

Andrade has fully embraced the role of villain. Instead of choosing to stay out of the spotlight, she jumped right back into the middle of it, declaring that Colombia would knock the heavily-favored Americans out of the World Cup.

She is trying to get under the United States’ skin, but the Americans don’t appear all too rattled.

“We never started (this),” said forward Alex Morgan. “We have respected every team we have played in the World Cup so far. We want to let our actions speak on the field.”

3. She Has Scored Twice in 3 World Cup Games

Andrade has received a lot of criticism for her confident talk, but she has at least showcased the play to back it up. Through three games at this year’s World Cup, she has already netted a pair of goals.

The attacking midfielder scored against France during Colombia’s 2-0 win, then grabbed a late consolation goal against England.

4. She is Equal Parts Talent and Toughness

Andrade is endlessly entertaining on the pitch. One minute, she’ll be a magician on the ball, embarassing defenders like she did against England:

“Lady Andade is one of a kind in this World Cup,” Colombian coach Fabian Taborda said. “She has a great touch, she plays very well and she’s technically very skilled.”

The next minute, after she’s done amazing with her touch and finesse, she’ll have turned into the enforcer. The punch on Wambach is the now most infamous example of that, but Andrade also picked up a pair of yellow cards in the U-20 Women’s World Cup in 2010.

5. She Plays Club Football in Finland


When she isn’t representing Colombia on the international stage, Andrade plays for PK-35 Vantaa, a club team in Finland that has won the top league four of the last five seasons. They are undefeated (7-2-0) and atop the table again thus far in 2015.

Andrade has made just 14 appearances for her club team.

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