NHL Power Rankings Week 20

There were more than just a few major losses across the NHL this week and it's forced some changes in the latest round of Heavy's Top 10. 

The Washington Capitals are still sitting up top, however, hitting the 90-point (!) mark on the season this week with a three-win performance. But while the Caps are holding strong up top, that doesn't mean there aren't questions about some of the squads underneath them, including the Chicago Blackhawks and Florida Panthers. 

Meanwhile, we've got a brand-new addition at No. 4 this week and a jump from the New York Rangers who are weathering some big-name injuries to find momentum on the ice. 

The days are ticking away to the trade deadline and teams are starting to make moves to spark a postseason run - that just means the power rankings are more exciting. Or maybe even more debatable. Click through the gallery to check out who landed where. (Getty)

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